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Royal-Mail.pngThe Royal Mail is one of the oldest organisations in the world, with its origins tracing back over 500 years. Today they employ around 162,000 people across the group, 143,000 of which are in the UK. Their contribution to the UK economy, including employment and procurement, totalled £10.3 billion last year and made them the seventh largest contributor of all UK corporations.

The safety, health and wellbeing of their people, suppliers and the communities that Royal Mail operates in is of paramount importance. With one of the largest corporate real estates in Europe and an organisation with strong integrity and corporate governance, the Royal Mail adheres to the highest standards to ensure their buildings follow legal and industrial regulations and, most importantly, are always safe.

“We’ve made our work and compliance journey a lot simpler and efficient with Info Exchange. We love the system and I personally feel it’s the best system Royal Mail has ever had.”

Andi Whittle, Data and Reporting Manager for Royal Mail Group Safety, Health and Environment

Before the adoption of Alcumus Info Exchange, The Royal Mail operation was beset by resource heavy, manual processes.  Andi Whittle explains; “We were mostly paper based and providing access to building information when a contractor came to site was very difficult and time consuming. We also undertake annual compliance checks on all our buildings, which previously generated c130,000 pieces of paper that needed to be filed in the site log book, along with follow up actions. We needed a platform with a workflow system to allow us to proactively manage and follow up any remedial works identified.”

Alcumus Info Exchange was recommended to The Royal Mail back in 2013. Their use of the software opened their eyes to the information black hole they had within their business and a year later they went out to tender for a Building Asset and Compliance software solution. Winning the tender, Alcumus Info Exchange worked with the Royal Mail’s Safety, Health and Environmental team to develop their platform, implementing a system to help them proactively manage their real estate portfolio in a compliant manner and provide a document management facility for their contractors to access their guidance documents.

Their platform now has over 2,500 users who access the system regularly and has delivered many benefits, including providing its contractors with the ability to plan their works in advance of coming to site.  Andi explains; “Within our platform, contractors have access to a wealth of information they can use prior to coming on site. We hold asbestos information, building plans, our annual inspection reports and much more. It means they can easily identify hazards and prepare their risk assessment prior to coming on site, making it much timelier and more cost effective for everyone.

“We’ve recently had kit installed at a smaller site and the contractor was able to look at the asbestos data and know where they could and couldn’t drill to plan their work in advance. We also have a big installation programme currently underway and having the building drawings easily accessible via the software allows contractors to plan where to locate the install factoring in ongoing maintenance and accessibility”

When asked about how its 2,500 users, 2,000 of which are Royal Mail employees, find using the platform Andi commented; “We get great feedback about its simplicity, intuitive layout and the integrity of it.

“When one of our site managers gets a call from an EHO for example, they can easily access the platform, find the information they need and provide it quickly, giving the authorities confidence we are acting with integrity and are compliant.”
Info Exchange has provided the Royal Mail with an effective framework of systems and controls to proactively plan and manage their property compliance. For Andi and his colleagues, the next step is to be able to link the data for greater use within their analytics system, QilkView.

Andi explains; “As a business we take data from our HR, finance and safety systems and import that data into our business intelligence tool, QilkView. It allows our risk management team to identify our biggest risks and proactively manage how we address those. In addition, the tool is used by our transformation teams to evidence the budget they need to allocate on the programmes we run across our estate, in addition to upgrading our assets within them.”

To help the Royal Mail achieve this business objective, Info Exchange will soon be launching an API functionality.  Andi believes this will add further value to the system, saying; “I cannot wait for this to be implemented, as it will allow our wider business to understand the work we undertake and the risks we manage”.

In addition to the API functionality, the Royal Mail are also currently working with Info Exchange to develop a risk register within their platform. Andi explains; “we are starting with our fire risk assessments and inspections and later hoping to include Mechanical and Electrical, Water, Gas and much more.”

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