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EQuuS – Elite Quality Solutions Limited


Easington village




EQuuS has 30 year experience in numerous Sectors such as Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Manufacturing, Aviation and Power and can; assist any Company in setting up or improving a compliant business Management System, can provide Quality Assurance via Vendor Assessment throughout any Supply Chain as well as having sufficient knowledge of Civil Construction, Welding, Mechanical & Electrical Installation & Acceptance Testing to enable the establishment of robust Quality Control mechanisms. EQuuS currently supports National Grid in the London and East Regions as a Senior Quality Consultant in ensuring that the Capital Delivery Portfolio of Substation and Overhead Line Projects are delivered in an effective manner in terms of time, cost and quality. There is a need to reduce costs by 30% so EQuus has been heavily involved in monitoring the current and future Supply Chain and has also been instrumental in making continual improvements to key National Grid processes such as Defects Management, Sensible Monitoring of the actual Quality of Work and Lessons Learned. Mark A Hudson IRCA Principal Auditor QMS 2008/2015, MCQI