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Written by: alcumus
19th July

Managing Employee Safety During The Pandemic

With an incredibly robust fleet that is continuously growing year after year, all EHS professionals at Avenge Energy are invested in the safety of their team members and front-line workforce, especially when it comes to mitigating the ever-present risk of COVID-19.

The Challenge

Having a COVID-19 Management Plan and requiring the workforce to wear masks was not enough, as it could not give them an insight into the health of their front-line workforce.

Without the ability to track symptoms, there was no way of identifying those who may be putting others at risk, causing the virus to spread.

“We had more than just a safety risk, but a risk to business continuity which is a risk to all of us as well. We needed a tool to prevent us from getting knocked down as a company and protect our people and clients.”

The Solution

Enter Alcumus eCompliance. Avenge Energy used this digital safety software solution to build a form called the COVID-19 Daily Self Assessment Tool to help track their worker’s health.

From nearly no one filling out the checklists with unpreferred answers to more and more engaging with the form, Avenge Energy was able to capture usable data in the Alcumus eCompliance safety software, in real-time.

With real-time data showing all symptoms experienced by team members updated every hour, evident in the Potential COVID-19 Symptoms / Warnings Report created in Alcumus eCompliance, Avenge Energy is able to get information instantly to control the spread of COVID-19.

Avenge Energy Services

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