Maxim Group

Maxim Group, one of the leading construction organizations in Canada, has emerged as a pioneer amid the era of COVID-19. A proud eCompliance customer since 2014, Maxim Group has exemplified what it means to be proactive during a pandemic.

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Written by: alcumus
19th July

Confronts COVID-19

Using the resources and materials found within eCompliance’s digital toolbox, they have found ways to reduce the risk of transmission in an effort to protect all team members and their organization as a whole.


There has always been a strong safety culture at Maxim Group, as the notion of safety is respected and understood from the top down.

All employees are expected to put safety first, as every new member goes through a four-hour orientation session to ensure they understand their job duties and how to perform them properly.

This is why it comes as no surprise that Maxim Group would be at the forefront of executing a dynamic method to protect their employees so early in the rise of this pandemic.


Here are some of the innovative tactics that Maxim Group is implementing to help protect their employees from COVID-19.

  • Increased Communication with Employees
  • Daily Questionnaire to Track COVID-19 Symptoms
  • No-Touch Thermal Temperature Readings
  • Business Continuity Forecast
  • Updated Protocol
  • Respirator Fit Tests
Maxim Group

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