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Roof Maintenance Solutions (RMS) is a preventative roof maintenance and recycling company that offers unique and environmentally-friendly services to industrial, commercial and institutional property managers and building owners in Canada.

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Written by: alcumus
9th November

The Challenge

RMS’ goal is to provide building owners and property managers with professional, preventative maintenance that considerably prolongs the life of their commercial roofing systems and, through transparency and education, provides options with measurable savings in capital expense and environmental waste reduction.

Prioritizing Safety

While the environment and waste reduction is clearly a focus for RMS, so is health and safety. RMS was recently awarded an Alcumus ContractorCheck health and safety Accreditation and was keen to discuss the achievement. They promote a strong health and safety culture at the company and are committed to creating safe work environments for their employees and clients.

To RMS, a safe workplace is a right that should be afforded to all workers and it’s the moral responsibility of each company to do what they can to protect their workers.

The Solution

On the importance of working with Alcumus ContractorCheck for their health and safety compliance management, Terri Hall, Operations Manager, discussed the efficiencies and convenience of the Alcumus ContractorCheck platform:

“keeping training information up-to-date, staying on top of insurance documents, WSIB, etc, can be a logistical nightmare for administration staff, however managing this information in a neat and concise area is easy with Alcumus ContractorCheck. Our information is easily accessible to our clients, and potential new clients are able to see our transparency with our documentation.”

The RMS Bottom Line:

Keeping our employees safe is our top priority. With Alcumus ContractorCheck, we’re able to do that while keeping clients informed at the same time. It’s a win, win.

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