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Congratulations on achieving certification with Alcumus ISOQAR

You’ve done the hard work – now reap all the benefits.

Your journey with us doesn’t have to stop once your assessment is complete and your certificate has been awarded. In fact, we believe it’s just the beginning. ISO standards are purposely designed on a similar framework making it easy to add other standards, creating an integrated management system. Watch our video to see how.

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Benefits of integrating your management systems

Getting the most out of your certification with Alcumus ISOQAR and how we can help you.

Why you should feel proud:

  • Alcumus ISOQAR certification provides a recognised benchmark of best practice management.
  • Demonstrating certification to management system standards can simplify tender processes – indeed it’s often a pre-qualification requirement.
  • Organisations certified by Alcumus ISOQAR are seen as having a competitive edge within many industry sectors.
  • Meeting and certifying your business against the requirements of internationally recognised standards establishes you as an organisation which is committed to continual improvement.
  • Achieving certification encourages pride and a sense of achievement internally within an organisation.
  • Certification by a UKAS accredited body such as Alcumus ISOQAR is a valuable marketing tool to use in prospecting new and existing customers.
  • Certification can help you demonstrate that you have control measures in place to assist you with regulatory and legislative compliance.

Ideas to promote your certification.

  • Display your certificate: choose a prominent location, such as your reception area or boardroom.
  • Use our ‘Alcumus ISOQAR registered’ stickers: promote your certification on company vehicles using our van and car stickers.
  • Add a page to your website: create a web page promoting your management system and certification (it’s a good idea to provide a downloadable certificate for customers and suppliers).
  • Tell your customers: announce the good news to customers and suppliers with a letter or e-mail announcement or an article in your company newsletter.
  • Update your marketing materials: include our Alcumus ISOQAR certification mark on your printed materials (stationery, business cards, exhibition banners and literature).
  • Write a press release: prepare and distribute a press release to relevant media (including industry magazines, trade organisations, and local newspapers – we can help you with this).
  • Make noise online: spread the good news online via social media pages and news feeds.
  • Celebrate internally: throw a party to reward the achievement of your staff or order some promotional items such as mugs printed with your corporate logo and registration mark.

How Alcumus ISOQAR can help promote your certified organisation.

  • If you provide us some text, we can create a post on our social media platforms.
  • Give you access to logos to use on your business stationery and marketing materials.
  • Provide van and car stickers and the ability to order more.
  • Provide assistance with writing a press release.
  • Work with you to create a case study about your route to certification.

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Alcumus ISOQAR can help promote your certified organisation.

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Just a few pointers...

Accreditation, certification or registration?

Many people get confused when it comes to standards’ terminology… put simply, if you have successfully passed your audits then your organisation is ‘certified’ i.e.. you have been awarded a certificate from us. You will also be ‘registered’ with Alcumus ISOQAR as a certified organisation. Your business itself is not ‘accredited’ though.

Alcumus ISOQAR is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). Your organisation has however been ‘certified by an accredited certification body’ i.e.. Alcumus ISOQAR has been deemed competent by UKAS to issue your certification.

Scope of your certification

If you decide to write a press release or announce your achievement in your corporate marketing materials, make sure you specify the scope of your certification. If not all sites or processes are covered by your certification, don’t mislead your audience into thinking it applies to all of them. Alcumus ISOQAR is happy to review any marketing claims for technical accuracy if you are unsure.

Use of certification and UKAS logos

Once you have gained certification you can download the Alcumus ISOQAR logo and UKAS symbol free of charge. Please ensure you adhere to our terms of use regarding the certification marks regarding symbols, logos, certificate number and standards as well as size, colour and UKAS restrictions. Please read our usage rules document for further information.

Maintaining your certification

Alcumus Academy offers a wide range of training courses to equip your business with the skills to perform management system audits. As well as a portfolio of scheduled remote public courses, all of our training can be delivered as in-house, cost efficient, solutions. Our portfolio covers awareness and auditing courses for all of the most popular ISO standards. View our courses.

ISOQAR Associate Network (IAN)

As a UKAS accredited certification body, we can provide you with auditing and training services to help you gain and maintain certification. However, under UKAS rules our impartiality and independence does not allow us to assist customers with the actual implementation of management systems. That’s where our network of consultants proves invaluable. They can help guide you through the process of implementing additional standards to your existing management system. Find details of consultants who are members of our network via our online directory.

Value of certification

At Alcumus ISOQAR we encourage you to shout about your achievement because ultimately, we believe it can add value to your business and enhance your reputation but don’t take our word for it:

  • 60% of our clients told us they have benefited from an increase in revenue due to having certification with ISOQAR.
  • 44% of our clients told us they have attributed ISOQAR certification to seeing improvements in business performance; including an increase in productivity, improved employee morale, reduction in absenteeism and sickness and helping recruitment.
  • 30% of our clients told us they have reported a reduction in incidents and accidents as a result of ISOQAR certification.