ISO Certification

The National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS)

Quality management schemes for organisations working on the UK’s road network

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What is NHSS?

The National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) are based on the ISO 9001 framework but interpret it specifically to highways maintenance activities.

Whilst there are currently more than 20 individual schemes, the individual schemes fall under four main categories: road surfacing and marking; fencing, landscaping and vehicle safety restraints; traffic management; lighting, electronics and corrosion protection.

Why Choose NHSS?

  • Opens up new opportunities – if you currently work only on non-national road networks, NHSS registration clears the way toward you taking on contracts for the national road network

  • Gives greater visibility to contracting bodies (you can join the online Schedule of Suppliers, a national register of independently approved contractors and subcontractors

  • Helps you better understand and manage risk – the NHSS assessment process can help you pinpoint areas of risk in your operations

Why Choose Us for your ISO Certification?

Increased Revenue

60% of customers have benefited from an increase in revenue due to having certification with ISOQAR

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Government-recognised UKAS certificates, established since 1993 with offices all over the world means your certificate has global recognition

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99% client satisfaction with audits and an NPS of 70

Save Time & Money

Integrated audits for multiple standards keep visits to a minimum and save you money

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Free to join if you transfer and we do the paperwork

IAN Network

Access to over 300 independent ISO consultants via our IAN network

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