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AvantGarde Total Solutions is a vibrant, forward thinking and dynamic Health and Safety Consultancy, based in London. We specialise in a full 360 degree approach to your health, safety, quality and environmental (HSQE) needs. As Health and Safety Consultants, we are passionate about HSQE management. We were created to assist companies by making HSQE practical, understandable, relatable and an integral part of their business strategy, allowing them to profitably grow as well as meet and exceed their legal obligations. Our health and safety consultants join in activities with our clients enthusiastically and cooperatively. They understand the needs and motivations of your company and can initiate positive cultural changes. Make us part of your team and we will contribute to the success of your company. Strategic Vision We believe that the combination and interaction between people and management systems opens infinite possibilities for companies aiming to be world-class leaders in their industries. Excellent Quality At AvantGarde Total Solutions, we offer a premium HSQE advisory and consulting service for organisations wanting to refine their safety culture and systems and improve their business efforts.