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Helping Small business Owners Improve their Profitability & Customers Satisfaction by Implementing ISO Systems. If you have ever asked yourself: - "How do I ensure that my organisation delivers consistent product/service to my customers?" - "How do I ensure my management system doesn't become a 'monster' that I have to feed paperwork to?" - "Where do I start to implement an ISO system?" - "Why do the standards and procedures I have seen on the internet, or from friends companies make no sense?" You have come to the right place. Making Standard Simple is what I specialise in. I was originally a Systems Analysis working for a variety of government departments when I came into the Quality world. I used my skills as an analyst to develop management systems that delivered the organisations products and services. Traditionally these were thick manuals that detailed every aspect of a job, so would subsequently not be read, or updated when changes happened. this resulted in a system that did not work. My approach simplified the management system and integrated it into the organisation so that it was simple and natural to follow. The first impression of the sceptical quality departments was "it will never pass!" but time, after time a variety of UKAS certification bodies would audit the management system and comment on how streamlined and effective they were. This started over 25 years ago, and with a 100% success rate! This approach has worked from all size industries including Heavy Engineering, Construction, Professional Services, Software developers, IT support, Ocean Survey, and even a Castle!