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based in Shropshire we offer implementation, assistance with certification and support for a wide range of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, bRC Food, HACCP & ISO 22000. With satisfied clients in the UK, Ireland and across the globe, we're confident that we can assist you in achieving your organisations goals. We offer a wide variety of services, and sector specific schemes, though we're also seeing a current high demand for ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 22301 business Continuity. The ISO 27001 Information Security standard is effective for a wide variety of companies, both large and small, where there is a need for information protection and security such as finance, health or legal institutions, in fact any organisation that holds large amounts of data. We've found that companies that outsource IT are keen on ISO 27001 as it gives their customers confidence that information security risks are assessed, controlled and managed under the company's Information Security Management System, ISMS. The ISO 27001 Information Security standard ensures that the confidentiality and integrity of records and databases are protected to the highest levels against misuse, fraud or even accidental disposal. ISO 27001 implementation also provides many of the safeguards required to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of which we are competent to provide advice and consultancy on. ISO 27001 is not just applicable to the IT sector, the standard can be applied to any company that has a requirement to protect its, its employees or its customers information and it has close links to ISO 22301 the business Continuity Standard. Effective Implementation of ISO 22301 will give organisations the assurance that they have taken into account any risks and threats associated with preventing them from carrying out their business and reducing that down-time to a minimal acceptable level.