A plain English guide on the fundamentals of COSHH

COSHH: Back-To-Basics eBook

The COSHH regulations are complex, and most businesses do not have the time, resources, or knowledge to manage them in-house. To help, Alcumus Sypol’s team of experienced and highly qualified scientists have created an easy to read, COSHH: Back to Basics eBook.

Understand the fundamentals of COSHH and hazardous substance management in the workplace.

The eBook will teach you:

  • What are the COSHH regulations, and which substances are covered under COSHH?
  • How to write and interpret a COSHH risk assessment
  • Practical hints and tips on how to manage COSHH

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COSHH is the primary set of regulations in the UK that governs the use and control of hazardous substances in the workplace covering a wide range of substances including purchased hazardous materials, substances that form naturally from everyday workplace activities or those that form as a result of workplace processes.

The most common items that require a COSHH risk assessment are cleaning products, oils, paints, dusts and fumes.

There is a misconception that ill-health related hazards are not as severe as more physical immediate injuries. However, it has been reported by the HSE:

  • Occupational ill-health is responsible for over 12,000 UK deaths every year.
  • In 2019/20 alone, there were 1.6 million new cases of ill-health, in comparison 693,000 were injuries.
  • It is excepted the impact of COVID-19 will have a large effect on ill-health cases.

This demonstrates the real need to understand COSHH and hazardous substance risks within the workplace to keep staff safe.