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Digitally transform your permit-to-work process

Improve worker safety and modernise your organisations permit-to-work approach with an automated workflow-driven process that includes: competence checks, scenario management, communication, clash checks and documentation, raising alerts when issues need to be resolved for work to proceed.

Digitising manual processes to deliver real-time risk insights will help you to minimise the effort to track, manage, report and improve your health and safety culture.

ePermits is the leading digital permit-to-work solution leveraged by some of the world’s most prestigious brands – so you can have confidence you’re in qualified hands.




Reduce Paper

Eliminate paper-based systems which are error prone and provide visibility via a prescribed digital process.


Mitigate risk through full contractor control – who is doing what, when, where, why and how.

Intuitive System

Quick to deploy, intuitive technology with support and guidance to tailor the system for your business.

Just a Few Clicks Away

Full visibility of work permit status reduces risk of injury to people, damage to property, disruption of business.

Cost Savings

Cost savings in terms of insurance premiums and avoid unnecessary costs through legal fees, fines, business downtime, damage to reputation.


Easy integration into existing systems.


Access the software anywhere, any time and using any device.

Improve Decisions

Improve decision-making across the business through better visibility of information.

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Digitally transform your permit-to-work process

Easy access, any time, any device. Book your demo today.

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