Alcumus Risk Mapping Software Supports Sainsbury’s in its COVID Response

Alcumus Info Exchange's Risk Mapping Software is supporting Sainsburys in their UK-wide COVID-19 Response. Find out more.

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Written by: alcumus
11th January

According to research by Verdantix, 85% of organisations believe predictive analytics are critical for future operational excellence.
Sainsbury’s has been working with Alcumus Info Exchange over several years to take business and safety data and feed this into a dynamic “Risk Map” for all its 2,000+ stores. Harnessing the power of predictive analytics has enabled Sainsbury’s to anticipate where issues are likely to occur before they do.
The application provides Sainsbury with the ability to risk score their entire store estate, utilising both data from within the platform and external data from their HR and financial systems. The scoring is built by taking data from such sources as Audits, Fire Compliance, Product Recalls, Colleague Opinion Surveys, Food Hygiene Rating, Training, Incidents, Pest Control and much more. It enables Sainsbury’s to see at a glance which stores are high risk and potentially need additional safety and non-safety visits.
Utilising the GEO Mapping functionality within Info Exchange, Sainsbury’s safety and non-safety teams utilise the Risk Mapping application to plan and prioritise their store visits, saving them invaluable time from a scheduling perspective and providing them with confidence they are addressing the most important issues/risks.

COVID response

 The flexibility of the Info Exchange system has recently enabled Sainsbury’s to adapt and gather information in response to the COVID pandemic in a dynamic way to feed into their risk mapping. 
Our congratulations go to the Group Safety & Insurance Team at Sainsbury’s who have been shortlisted in the Retail Week Awards 2021 “Front Line Hero - Head Office team” category in recognition of its COVID response.

Next steps

Register for our webinar on Thursday 4th February 2021 when Neil Lennox, Head of Group Safety at Sainsbury’s will share his insights into developing the Risk Map solution and the practical benefits which have been gained by Sainsbury’s whilst navigating through a global pandemic.