Alcumus Info Exchange Module of the Month: Accident and Incident Management

Alcumus Info Exchange's module of the month for October 2019 is Accident and Incident Management. Find out more about how this module can help your business.

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Written by: alcumus
23rd October

Challenges a business faces

No matter what sector you operate in, accidents and incidents are an occurrence that organisations want to avoid. As technology develops, businesses have the opportunity to work across multiple sites and locations, resulting in increased difficulty in having an overarching view of operations and risk management. As such, the traditional approach towards accident and incident management results in many challenges for an organisation.

  • Disparate systems - The use of spreadsheets and paper-based forms means that different records are being completed, often of a different quality.
  • Reporting inaccuracies - Without high quality reports, an organisation cannot truly understand the how, what and why accidents occur, increasing the likelihood of them happening again.  
  • Lack of real-time data -  this can result in delays when contacting the necessary parties and also limits the evidence that can be collected as items may be forgotten.
  • Poor analytics - Paper based and excel systems result in limitations into oversight of incidents that are happening regularly and reduces the ability to take a proactive approach towards mitigation of these.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus Info Exchange offers a sophisticated software accident and incident management solution that helps a business mitigate these challenges.

Make it easy to report and in real time

Gathering all the necessary information accurately is crucial when an incident takes place. All too often with paper-based systems, those involved in the incident are not able to remember all the information asked on an incident form, meaning those crucial facts are often overlooked.

Providing your workers with the ability to report an incident as and when it happens, including uploading any photographs, ensures you collect all the information you need in real time. There are several ways you can do this, including placing QR codes around your facility directing users to your incident form from their mobile.
Alcumus Info Exchange also provides offline forms, giving access to the accident and incident management system to anyone at any time. This means real time data can be captured as soon as the accident has occurred, improving the accuracy of the information and in turn, the reporting.

Be informed

With health and safety teams often responsible for multiple sites across the UK and beyond, being notified when an incident takes place no matter how small or big is a must. Utilising accident and incident management software for reporting on events, ensures all relevant parties are notified as soon as an incident takes place. Furthermore, Alcumus Info Exchange's functionality means that once these instances are recorded, they are categorised. If an accident or incident meets certain criteria, it will trigger an immediate investigation. If an event could potentially be a RIDDOR, the Info Exchange system will bring it to the top of the list and highlight it, giving health and safety managers the reassurance that they won't miss a serious event that requires immediate action.

Alcumus Info Exchange operates on a workflow system. This means that as soon as an action is recorded, a set of notifications are automatically triggered to the relevant parties to action and the process cannot move forward until the necessary actions are closed down. Individuals can access the accident and incident management system remotely and close down their actions without needing a log on ID or password.The senior members of the team will have an overarching view of the actions, meaning that they can see any points where actions aren't being remedied and undertake the appropriate activity to rectify this.

The mass of data that is now available in organisations results in the need for a clear, overarching view of the key details. Alcumus Info Exchange's system enables every user access to a configurable dashboard, ensuring that the information that is vital to them can be seen easily in the form of graphs or charts.

Be Proactive

Many organisations operate on a reactive approach towards health and safety, but with the HSE becoming ever more stringent and the capabilities of software increasing, there is a need for businesses to become proactive.
Workers are often reluctant to complete the administration sides of tasks, and that remains the same when it comes to health and safety. Utilising a software led approach makes it quick and easy for workers to report near misses and incidents, encouraging them to be more proactive.

Alcumus Info Exchange smart forms, offers functionality such as drop-down selections and  adopts a question lead approach. This unique approach to managing accidents and incidents eases the completion of the forms. It gives the individual reporting the incident leading questions, ensuring the right questions are asked for the event that took place and minimises the answers that need to be given. This reduces the time spent on completing the form and ensures the right information is being provided. The use of smart forms also improves the quality of data recorded for analytical purposes.

Gain actionable insight

Dashboard and reporting functionality provided within Alcumus Info Exchange ensures your data collected from your near misses and incident forms are translated into actionable insight to improve performance.
This includes the ability to track and report on lost time, Accident Frequency Rates (AFR) and drill down into your data so that re-occurring incidents are easily identified and addressed.

The accident and incident management software also provides organisations with the ability to document any instances where the HSE or another enforcement body visits your site, ensuring a record is kept and a log of any actions that may occur.

Data including employee training records can also be pulled from your ERP systems, allowing you to review what health and safety training an employee has undertaken when investigating an incident.
At a time of significant advances in analytics, API functionality also offers the ability to connect a wealth of data within your system with information stored elsewhere across your business via business intelligence tools or data warehouses.