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APS Group are the UK’s leading supplier of British tomatoes on the high street. The company’s values are truly forward thinking, and as a result they are constantly striving to deliver quality and innovation. APS Group take the best traditional and modern growing techniques to grow high quality, delicious tomatoes in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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Written by: alcumus
17th June

Putting technology in the hands of staff to improve standards

As an innovative organisation, the use of paper-based systems to manage their health and safety was not in line with the direction of the company, and as a result APS decided to implement Info Exchange across their five UK sites to improve their health and safety performance.

Since the implementation of Alcumus Info Exchange, I now truly feel like I am in control of the health and safety at APS. This puts me in a much better place to provide support and manage the health and safety of our employees across all of our sites.”

Gary Swayne, Group SHE Manager APS Group

Before APS Group moved to a software-based health and safety solution, they operated using a traditional, paper-based process. Although this approach is commonplace across the food manufacturing and production industry, this traditional method meant that every party involved in an accident or an incident was reliant on somebody to make a phone call to notify individuals of the event.

This resulted in an inconsistent approach to the management of accidents and incidents.  For example, if a serious incident were to occur then it was often the case that vital information required by the health and safety team was taking days to be received, resulting in further delays before action could be proactively taken to investigate.

APS Group now use Info Exchange to completely change the way in which they manage their health and safety strategy. They use the platform’s remote functionality to capture accident and incident information, hazard reporting, along with a wide range of other reporting issues.

The remote system has increased the autonomy amongst workers and APS Group has found that the software’s ease of access has resulted in high levels of staff engagement. The fact that an unlimited number of users can access the system means more data can be collected, which in turn results in accident and incident reporting of a much higher quality.

The offline functionality offered by Info Exchange results in data being able to be collected at the scene of the accident which enables the relevant parties to gather much more accurate information, rather than relying on recollections gathered several hours later. Within an hour of the accident, these remote forms can be synced with the online system and automated emails are sent to the relevant parties. If an incident is serious enough it means that health and safety managers can muster the resources immediately to rectify the and manage the accident.

This approach has resulted in APS Group being able to manage their health and safety incidents in real time, while also minimising the chances of human error or delays in reporting.

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