Axis Group

Axis Group is a leading provider of facilities-related security, reception management, cleaning and support services across the UK, and employs around 4,000 staff across hundreds of its clients’ sites.

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Written by: alcumus
17th December

Alcumus is helping facilities services firm to prevent and reduce workplace accidents

Axis Group is a leading provider of facilities-related security, reception management, cleaning and support services across the UK, and employs around 4,000 staff across hundreds of its clients’ sites.

Axis Group wanted to change the way it approached health and safety reporting from being a reactive process, to a proactive one that would prevent accidents. The business was recording very few near misses, and those that were submitted were paper reports which often didn’t find their way into Head Office for weeks.

As such, Alcumus began working with Axis Group to support them in their drive to change their colleagues’ mindset around reporting not just accidents, but near misses too.

Alcumus introduced its ReportLine service to make the reporting of near misses and accidents easier and quicker for staff, which would in turn help to reduce the number of reported injury accidents in the longer-term.

“The simplicity of Alcumus’s ReportLine service has given our staff the autonomy to take ownership of reporting near misses or accidents themselves - which has been a key driver in helping to transform the company’s health and safety culture alongside our own internal drive to educate staff around the importance of reporting near misses or accidents.
“We now have a culture where our staff are reporting unsafe conditions and unsafe acts routinely. Whether it is someone not wearing the correct PPE, fire exits being blocked, or items left lying around to present a trip hazard - it is this type of consistent reporting that ultimately helps to reduce actual accidents.
“This willingness to report these incidents that we now have within our business is underpinned by having a quick and easy system to use from Alcumus.”

Tracey Hammond CMIOSH

Axis Group Health and Safety Manager

The Challenge

Changing a large workforce’s attitude towards health and safety is no mean feat, but that’s exactly what has been achieved at Axis Group.

Near-miss reporting is crucial, because a comprehensive record of any near miss can play a key role in preventing future accidents from happening, which has been underlined by recent statistics since working with Alcumus:

In 2020 the number of near misses that Axis Group’s cleaning division had reported had quadrupled compared to 2016, while accidents also fell by around one third during the same comparative period. Likewise, in 2020 the business’s security division had reported more than double the number of near misses compared to two years earlier, resulting in accidents reducing by more than one third.

This is a significant reduction in accidents following a concerted effort by Axis Group teams to report near misses – all achieved whilst continuing to provide services through a pandemic!

The Solution

Alcumus has played an integral role in the transformation of Axis Group’s reporting culture.

The ReportLine service itself enables any staff member to dial a number to report an accident or near miss at any time of the day, 365 days a year - or by using an online ‘near miss report’ form which is submitted to Alcumus’s ReportLine team. The simplicity of being able to dial the same, direct phone number to report accidents and near misses, or fill out the same form online to report near misses has boosted Axis Group’s staff participation. Historically, bureaucratic and time-consuming reporting processes may have put staff off reporting near misses.

In the spirit of anti-bureaucracy, Alcumus also has a team of experts on standby to take calls from staff at Axis Group - and they work to a target of answering a minimum of 80 per cent of calls within 20 seconds.

All Alcumus call handlers are trained in line with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (commonly known as RIDDOR). When a phone call is made, an Alcumus member of staff will run through an agreed question-set to gather information on the incident. This is then sent through to Axis management to conduct an investigation. In the event of the incident needing to follow a process in line with RIDDOR regulations, as a safe guarding measure, Alcumus will consult with the Axis Group Health and Safety Manager to ensure she is aware and will be reporting this to the Health and Safety Executive.

The Results

Combining the ReportLine service with the Alcumus Info Exchange software platform provides easy to read, tangible information to give them trend analysis. Axis Group have their own dashboard, which enables them to take a holistic view of their health and safety reporting processes to identify data such as comparing how many accidents have happened over any given period. This information is converted into management bulletins and is also used on team briefings.

Axis Group is the perfect example of how streamlining bureaucratic processes can play a key role in boosting staff engagement around important workplace practices such as health and safety.