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Greener Ealing was founded in July 2020 as a local authority company (LAC) to be Ealing Council’s new waste and recycling contractor. GEL aims to be recognised as one of the leading environmental services providers in London by delivering significant and lasting improvements to the quality of services, making Ealing a desirable place to live, work and visit.

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Written by: alcumus
7th April

Providing structure, order and efficiency to risk management in the public sector

Greener Ealing Ltd (GEL) was founded in July 2020 as a local authority company (LAC) to be Ealing Council’s new waste and recycling contractor. These services were brought back under the council’s control following the end of its contract with a previous supplier. GEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of The London Borough of Ealing and was set up to deliver high-quality sustainable waste, recycling, street cleansing, grounds maintenance and associated services on behalf of the council, the residents who live in the borough of Ealing and other service users in the borough.

GEL aims to be recognised as one of the leading environmental services providers in London by delivering significant and lasting improvements to the quality of services, making Ealing a desirable place to live, work and visit. It employs around 350 people.

In March 2020, as GEL prepared to launch, it began to work with Alcumus to create digital risk management systems to meet their specific needs.

The challenge

As a new, standalone organisation serving more than 350,000 residents, GEL needed to implement effective systems quickly to support their employees and make sure they could deliver the service customers expected.

The first requirement was a risk management system to record any accidents involving its employees and vehicles to help it identify trends and mitigate against future potential accidents. This was particularly important as GEL is responsible for weekly waste collections, along with other waste management services in the borough.

GEL were also keen to invest in their people to achieve their ambition of becoming a leader in the waste management field.  Alongside ensuring employees were up to date with the training required for their jobs, they wanted them to take pride in their roles and come up with ideas to improve the operation. They wanted to elevate how employees viewed their roles and appreciate the skills and knowledge required to do them to well, dispelling the notion that they were “just” waste management operatives.

GEL was also keen to make as many processes as possible digital, removing the need for time-consuming inefficient paperwork. They wanted employees to have what they needed to do their job safely and effectively at their fingertips.

The solution

From the first meeting in March 2020, GEL began working with Alcumus to tailor its Info Exchange software to meet Greener Ealing’s specific requirements and create a tailored event-logging system, branded Greener Ealing. A strong understanding was quickly established between the two organisations, and this new system was up and running by July 2020.

To make sure as many risk events were captured as possible, remote access forms were introduced so operatives can log anything easily and quickly while they are out and about. They can also log incidents by street name, so any that any high-risk areas can be quickly identified, and safety improvements implemented rapidly.

A training matrix has been built, capturing all training requirements across the whole organisation. This flags when training is needed, making sure employees have all their certificates up to do date. Everything is logged centrally, so no information is lost. This system supports the Training Academy that has been set up by GEL, playing a vital part in upskilling the workforce and raising the level of employee engagement.

As the relationship between GEL and Alcumus has proved to be so beneficial, more systems have continued to be added. The Stocks and Assets system was introduced at the end of 2021. This allows employees to order their own equipment, as and when they need it. Previously, they were required to fill out a paper form and wait for that to be processed. This is a completely new system for Alcumus, based entirely on GEL’s specific requirements, demonstrating the level of collaboration and trust that has been built up.

“The process capturing, tracking, and fulfilling orders across our business was problematic. Up to 30% of our employees were not getting the PPE and Commodities they ordered through the manual processes leading to over ordering and confusion. Another challenge was we couldn’t align stock and orders across the business. The Alcumus PPE/Commodities Ordering system came to the rescue; it was built specifically around our business. It allows us to forecast, place orders, review safety critical items, and order accurate quantities. It turns orders into purchase orders, eliminating any overordering, saving us time and money.”

Sandra Hewey, HSEQ Training Manager, Greener Ealing

Other systems to have been added are Audits and Inspections, Training Requests and a Document Library. All these support GEL’s drive towards digitisation, better risk management and making processes easier for their employees.

The results

The implementation of all these systems has helped to provide a robust risk management framework for GEL, supporting their aim to provide sustainable, high-quality services to the borough. Since July 2020, the number of risk-events being capture has risen significantly, giving them a much clearer idea of any risks. The Stocks and Assets system has already made its mark. It has made ordering far more efficient, operatives get their equipment in a few days, not a week and it is saving money. Stock can be audited down to the last penny, meaning budgets are going further and being spent where needed most. Employees are now up to date with their training and feel a growing sense of pride in their work and the value they offer their community.

More projects are in the pipeline too. GEL has plans to introduce information dashboards at the end of Q1 2022, to make analysing and reporting simpler and more effective. They are also considering other Alcumus products that could benefit the organisation.

“My aim is to make everything as simple and easy for our employees as possible. The fewer clicks required, the more likely they are to record risk events or request training. Alcumus understand that completely and have developed easy to use, tailored systems for us. The relationship I have with our account manager Steph Bonfield makes a huge difference. I have a vision of what I’m looking for and she takes it away and puts it into practice. Her skill and wide range of knowledge is very impressive. As a brand-new company, having quality systems to support us as we establish ourselves is essential. Alcumus give us exactly that and the partnership we have developed is crucial for delivering our plans successfully now and in the future.”

Sandra Hewey, HSEQ Training Manager, Greener Ealing

“The risk management app is an excellent recourse which gives our staff the ability to report real-time Events. This also ensure the Management Teams have transparency of the Event from entry to conclusion.”

Jason Connell-Training Facilitator