iomart is one of the UK’s leading providers of managed hosting and cloud services with 11 sites across the UK. For over 20 years, their staff of almost 400 have provided 24/7 support to the thousands of businesses and organisations who depend on their services.

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Written by: Alcumus
17th June

What iomart has to say about Alcumus ISOQAR

“We currently hold multiple standards across our business, including ISO 9001ISO 27001ISO 14001ISO 50001ISO 22301 and ISO 20000,” says Steve Flockhart, Head of Compliance at iomart. “Our customers expect us to deliver secure, high quality solutions that meet their requirements on management, security and the environment. Our aim therefore is to deliver those services to the highest standards.”

“We were very impressed with their clear, well-thought-out proposal and their ability to understand our needs. It’s a very professional service.”

Steve Flockhart, Head of Compliance, iomart

It was in 2006 when iomart started recognising that potential customers were looking for additional assurances around the services they were taking from them. “We felt that using internationally recognised standards - if you like, agreed best practice as judged by independent experts - would give customers the reassurance they needed,” says Steve.

"ISO certification brings with it huge benefits for iomart. It’s fair to say that without our adopted standards and our incorporated management systems, we might not have built the extensive customer base we enjoy today."

To help with the implementation of their management systems, iomart called upon third party consultants. Covering such a wide range of sectors and industries, Steve knew that they’d benefit from external experience. “Getting our in-house knowledge updated and co-ordinated proved time consuming initially,” says Steve. “However, as the benefits were recognised throughout the business, the new standards were embraced and have now become part of the fabric of iomart and are used to continuously drive improvement.”

Iomart came across Alcumus ISOQAR when researching certification bodies online. Steve says: “Alcumus stood out for their value for money and because they are one of the UK’s leading certification bodies accredited by UKAS.”

Steve concludes: “Since 2008, Alcumus ISOQAR has assisted iomart to attain our incorporated international standards. Their support staff have always been available to give essential guidance.”