Polypipe is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of piping systems, water and climate management systems, delivering engineered solutions that enable a sustainable built environment. Polypipe has an established international market position, employing 3,500 staff across 12 different sites.

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Written by: alcumus
17th June

Transforming health and safety across an international, multi-site operation.

“For us, it is vital that health and safety forms a core of our operations - it is a fundamental pillar of all we do at Polypipe. Our goal is to embed the health and safety culture across our wider operations, ensuring that staff of all levels are included and feel like they form part of the health and safety culture here”.

Kris Ramsey, Group HSE Director, Polypipe

As Polypipe is an international organisation, their main challenge is trying to encompass a sound health and safety strategy across multiple locations that all work with high risk machinery. The HSE team at Polypipe has worked tirelessly to continue to improve their processes across the manufacturing and distribution parts of their business.  However, with these operations spanning various sites and several countries, it is vital for Polypipe to take a consistent approach that demonstrates their commitment to keeping their workforce safe and healthy.

It was clear that Polypipe needed to implement a system that would give them an overarching view of all their operations and enable them to create one true view of the health and safety culture within their business. To achieve this, Polypipe decided that they needed to implement a software solution that could deliver the level of management information they needed – they chose Info Exchange.

The Info Exchange platform has been adopted by a wide range of employees within Polypipe, from operational staff through to members of the Board.  Senior Directors now utilise the software to support the development of key health and safety objectives around increased communication, improved relationships and better engagement with individual teams.

The senior management now also have a direct way of communicating with workers on the shop floor, and those workers are able to receive information in real time so that they can action any notifications immediately, creating a much safer environment.

Polypipe have found that the main benefit Info Exchange has bought them is the ease of logging and reporting incidents. The set categories and automation process that is in place makes it easier for managers to track the progress of these incidents and, in turn, the performance of sites in dealing with them effectively.  

Managers are also able to track and monitor any issues that occur and can ensure that they are rectified, ultimately taking proactive steps to reduce the potential for incidents to happen in the future. Info Exchange allows instantaneous, consistent and transparent information to be created, reported, tracked and closed down, something that is fundamental for management within the manufacturing centre.

From this information, Polypipe has the ability to create health and safety KPIs and benchmark their performance, creating a truly measurable health and safety culture within the business. Kris Ramsey, Group HSE Director, says; ‘there has been a visible improvement of communication across the shop floor. People within the factory are beginning to have a good understanding of the actions they need to take and can have visibility of the progress being made but can also see how their actions are changing the way in which health and safety at Polypipe is run.”

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