South Country Co-op

South Country Co-op, one of the largest co-operatives in Canada, is home to a team of true safety champions. An eCompliance customer since 2017, this multimillion-dollar organization encompasses seven different business types ranging from food stores and pharmacies to mechanic shops and gas bars.

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Written by: Alcumus
19th July

Takes Safety to the Next Level

Heather Smith-Schenkey, the Health, Safety, and Environment Manager, was proud to share that eCompliance has helped protect nearly 700 employees, centralized their information, and saved time and hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Digitizing Safety

With a manual system and cabinets full of papers, Heather knew there had to be a better way to organize and store all data.

eCompliance has enabled Heather to digitize and customize all important documents and information in one simple location, saving time and optimizing their workflow.

By being able to customize forms, South Country Co-op has been able to tailor their inspections and processes to fit their specific criteria. Now, all processes and valuable documents are centralized in this mobile digital system, which everyone can access.

Reducing Liability

As one of the largest co-operatives in Canada, this multimillion-dollar organization can become a target for public lawsuits for personal and property damages.

With eCompliance, South Country Co-op has been able to digitize hundreds of pages worth of sweep logs and document any hazards mitigated so they are accessible in minutes.

In certain instances where a customer or their lawyer has claimed that an individual was hurt on site, Heather has been able to produce their electronic sweep logs to prove their innocence.

South Country Co-op

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