Alcumus Software Conference: How Utilising Software Improves Workplace Health and Safety

Here you can find out about the software conference we held last week, which featured presentations from our clients Multiplex and Specsavers.

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Written by: alcumus
23rd May

Last week we held our annual software conference in London, welcoming circa 60 of our software clients. 

The event takes place every year to enable our clients to share best practice, problem solve and learn from each other.

This year we were pleased to welcome Phil Sleet, Head of Health and Safety UK & Ireland at Specsavers and Ali Ghate, SHEQ Technical Support Manager at Multiplex on stage. Both clients shared their journey of utilising our Info Exchange health and safety software, explaining how it helped their organisation improve health and safety in the workplace. 

A common theme from both presentations and the conversations from around the room, was the limitations faced with the paper-based forms previously used.

Key challenges organisations faced prior to moving to software included:

  • Too many word forms and processes
  • Limited accident and near miss reporting
  • Inconsistent data sets, making it difficult to analyse data for trends and report accurately or in a timely manner
  • Poor engagement and accountability for safety outside of health and safety team

When asked during an interactive poll “what had been the greatest value to your business from implementing our health and safety software?”:

  • 60% of our clients attending answered greater and improved data collection/management
  • 14% advised greater visibility and actionable insight
  • 12% answered a proactive approach to compliance

During their presentations, both Specsavers and Multiplex provided the audience with some great examples of how they have achieved the above results. 

Phil Sleet shared how their Info Exchange platform, known and branded as the Health and Safety Hub, now enables their partnership stores to undertake real-time accident reporting along with daily, weekly, quarterly and half yearly safety checklists.  Phil explained that since implementing Info Exchange in the last quarter of 2018, 95% of Specsavers stores have logged into the Health and Safety Hub and accident reporting has significantly improved.

Ali Ghate shared with the audience how Multiplex has utilised Info Exchange’s mobile application for inspections and dynamic form building functionality to gather more information easily and in a consistent manner. Having utilised Info Exchange for a number of years, Ali also explained to the audience how he is now utilising Power BI to analyse the data and present it in a more visual way.

Find out how our Info Exchange health and safety software can help your organisation become safer, healthier and stronger.