Introducing Dynamic Risk Assessments from Alcumus Info Exchange

Manage your risk assessments effectively with the Dynamic Risk Assessment system from Alcumus Info Exchange. Learn the benefits of this system here.

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Written by: alcumus
25th January

We are always trying to reduce and eliminate workplace risks and hazards, and risk assessments are an integral part of health and safety management. Managing and controlling the process is an enormous task and when managed using traditional paper/excel methods, it becomes very time consuming and onerous with users not fully engaging with the process.  Alongside this, it can be difficult for a site to have access to, and awareness of, the latest version of the assessment.

Our easy to use software solution means users with little to no training will still be able to complete assessments, regardless of IT or risk assessing competency, allowing health and safety teams to take full control of their risk assessment process.

What are the key features?

  • Create and manage your own risk assessment library for operational staff to access and use, ensuring a consistent and guided approach
  • Have master risk templates for use throughout your organisation with predefined hazards and control measures, giving confidence that all hazards are assessed correctly and in accordance to your company standards
  • Assign, track and manage actions with workflow management and email notification functionality, driving accountability organisation wide for any corrective actions
  • Mobile capability, providing ability to record any time and any where
  • Option for a formal review/sign off process using workflow management functionality

What are the benefits?

  • A streamlined process, reducing the administration time associated with undertaking risk assessments
  • Greater control and consistency to your risk assessment processes, especially when using non-health and safety employees to carry out risk assessments
  • Improved version control with only the latest templates/assessments available for use 
  • Templates provide operational staff with guidance and a more supportive approach, which together with the reduced administration, drives a more engaged process and a better-quality assessment
  • Capabilities within Alcumus Info Exchange to record and manage corrective actions enables health and safety teams to take a more proactive approach to managing risks and hazards identified
  • Mobile and offline capabilities allow those undertaking the risk assessment to record in real-time, improving data collection and removing duplication of effort typically experienced with paper/excel methods
  • Improved audit trail

Who can benefit from implementing?

Dynamic Risk Assessments is ideal for any organisation looking to get a more robust process in place for managing their risk assessments and the corrective actions that come as a result.

Those already using Info Exchange for Incident Management or Audits are ideally placed and will benefit from greater data for analysis and continuous improvement.

For clients already using our Risk Assessment module, Dynamic Risk Assessment offers many more features and benefits making it a great upgrade to further improve your process.

How can you find out more information?

Watch a 30-minute demonstration video of the Dynamic Risk Assessment system.

Enquire now for a demonstration from one of our experts.