The Alcumus ‘Bee-n-Bee’ is open for business!

Read how Alcumus Sypol's Senior CMS consultant Charlotte King is helping to make our Aylesbury office a bee heaven.

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Written by: alcumus
6th August

Bees are in danger. Unfortunately, since the mid-1990s, bees have been slowly disappearing. This phenomenon is called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. CCD has been linked to the recent changes in the environment, and the increased use of pesticides on crops and plants. Ultimately leading to the loss of bees’ natural habitat.

Alcumus Sypol’s Senior CMS consultant Charlotte King is very much aware of the importance of bees to our ecosystem, which is why she championed to provide bee shelters and planters at our Aylesbury office. 

Charlotte said, “The idea of the bee planter at the office originated this year in my own garden - I’ve been on a mission to help our local bees”.

The planters were installed in May at the Aylesbury office and included a range of bee friendly plants to provide a variety of different sources of nectar, as well as some evergreens for some year-round interest. Currently the planter has minimal flowers as we’re late in the season, but the late summer blooming flowers are just starting to sprout up!

As well as the planter, a ‘bug hotel’ was incorporated, lovingly called (wait for it…) the ‘Bee-n-Bee’. The ‘Bee-n-Bee’ has been placed in the lavender bushes that were already present on the office grounds. The lavender bushes are in a sunny position away from the main door and are a favourite amongst the bees. The hotel itself aims to help solitary pollinators that don’t live in colonies. They need a warm, dry place to build nests for hibernation during winter and for laying their eggs. There are many ways to help bees thrive, such as avoiding the usage of pesticides, growing bee friendly flowers, providing a yearly source of clean water and creating bees’ shelters

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