Why You Need BS EN 1090 Even If It’s Not Legally Required

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Written by: Alcumus
20th September

I recently wrote about whether you need BS EN 1090. The reality is of course that CE marking to BS EN 1090 is a legal requirement for all organisations who design and/or manufacture structural steel components.
However, a growing number of companies are now seeking certification to BS EN 1090 who you would not normally associate with the ‘structural’ elements of fabrication and welding.

Why is this?

Well, the driving force behind this, as with many other certifications, is customer demand. Many businesses are coming to us looking for certification because it’s a condition put down by their customers. Of course, at Alcumus ISOQAR, we are happy to accommodate such requests.
Examples are the oil, gas, HVAC (Packaged Plant Rooms) and the automotive industries where manufacturers are being asked for their activities, competencies and systems to be audited to a known fabrication and welding standard by competent certification and notified bodies.

I can hear you all asking: “How is that possible?”

The answer is remarkably simple. Everything is exactly the same as a typical BS EN 1090 audit, except you don’t issue a Declaration of Performance (DOP) and / or CE Label. As such, there is no ‘CE mark’ applied to the components.
So, for example, the following are included in the audit:

  • The documented FPC system is audited
  • The welders are audited for their qualifications, RWC and designer competencies
  • Equipment / plant is audited
  • Goods in, purchasing, materials and consumables are audited
  • Fabrication, welding and associated processes; inspection and test plans; and traceability are audited
  • Non-conformances are audited

You can read more about the latest version of BS EN 1090 on our blog.
If you’re interested in seeking BS EN 1090 certification, contact our Technical Sales Team on 0161 866 6186 or fill in the form for a chat and free no obligation quote.