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Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality Management (EHSQ) Software

Helping businesses digitally improve health and safety in the workplace for more than 20-years.

Consolidate your data and gain invaluable insight to improve health and safety in your workplace.

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EHSQ Software

From reporting a near miss to undertaking a risk assessment, Alcumus Info Exchange makes it easier and quicker to record, analyse and act upon your health and safety data.

In fact, 60% of our clients said that improved data collection and management had been the greatest value of implementing Info Exchange into their business.

So, whatever your health and safety challenges, we have the solution to transform your strategy from reactive to proactive.


Our Modules

Choose one or a number of modules covering all your health and safety processes.

case study

Transport for London (TFL)

With responsibility for over 31 million people who make a journey on its network every day, ensuring its passengers are kept safe and healthy is a key strategic objective for TFL.

As an Info Exchange client since 2013, the software is playing a major role in supporting the business to achieve this goal.