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Intuitive user interface. Configured exactly to you. Using your language, processes, and branding.

We offer a highly configured solution that is built around your business, without the expensive and time-consuming coding and development.

Using your language, processes, and branding, in partnership, we configure a software solution that makes it your platform powered by us.

In our experience, this approach not only increases user adoption and improves your culture for managing risk; it offers a future-proof solution that can cost-effectively be adapted as your business and requirements grow.

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Smart Forms

We’ll work with you to ensure your cumbersome paper-based forms are transferred into easy-to-use and intuitive data collectors.

Utilising features such as mandatory fields, drop-down selections, and dynamic and conditional questions:

Your data is collected in a consistent manner improving reporting and analysis capabilities.

Your forms will be simpler and quicker for your users to complete, with additional questions asked where appropriate based on answers given, improving the quality and quantity of the data you receive.

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Access anywhere, to anyone, and from any device

Our always-on platform offers access from any device both online and offline, meaning you can report a near miss, incident, or perform an audit/inspection in real-time and without internet connectivity.

Our software can be made available to anyone who needs it. So, whether you want your staff, contractors, or suppliers to have access, we will make sure the right people are always connected.

Our single sign-on, remote forms, and QR code functionality make it easy for everyone to have access.

And our unlimited-user licence ensures there are no additional hidden costs limiting usage.



Our real-time configurable dashboards allow users to have their finger on the pulse by having a personalised view of the data that is important to them.

Whether it’s accidents by site, non-conformances, or overdue audits and inspections, our dashboards will provide users with the insight they need to keep on top of their game.

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Analytics and reporting at the touch of a button

Having all your data in one place, systematically recorded removes the headache and time you will typically spend on monthly reporting.

Our software enables you to set up scheduled and consolidated reports with ease, meaning your monthly KPI reports are produced at a touch of a button.

That invaluable time saved can then be utilised to take a deeper dive into your data, enabling trend analysis for continuous improvement and ultimately leading to a more proactive approach to managing your risk.

In addition, we will shortly be offering an API function that allows data to be shared from your platform into business analytics tools such as Power BI.

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Workflow and action management

Our workflow, action management, and email functionality allow:

Key stakeholders both within and outside of your organisation to be notified immediately when an incident happens.

​Actions to be assigned and notified to both users and non-users via email notification.

Reminders, escalations to be sent via email to those assigned actions, with the ability to not only view all the information but close down there and then, whether you are a registered user or not.