Why choose Alcumus Info Exchange?

We’re more than just a software provider.

We work in partnership.

We recognise that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

We offer an enterprise wide solution.

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We work in partnership

We believe a good partnership should share knowledge, identify efficiencies, and challenge ideas.

It should also ‘join the dots’ by creating business intelligence that brings clarity and transparency.

At Alcumus Info Exchange we take pride in the partnerships we develop with our clients and the fact that our very first client is still with us today, 20 years on, is a great testament to that.

Find out more about our partnership approach by reading our case studies.


We recognise that one size doesn't necessarily fit all

We know that our software is most effective when it’s embedded at the heart of your safety culture.

That’s why, unlike other software providers, we offer a highly configured solution that is built around your business, without the expensive and time-consuming coding and development.

Our team will share their experience and knowledge of delivering solutions to some of the UK’s most trusted organisations, across more than 20 diverse industries for over two decades.

Working together, we’ll deliver a platform that is aligned to your people, processes, language, and brand; ensuring you get a software solution that is seamless to implement, intuitive to use, and future-proofed as your business and requirements grow.

info exchange

We offer an enterprise wide solution

Our software is intended to drive operational efficiency and collaboration across your entire business, not just one department or function.

We typically replace multiple standalone databases, spreadsheets, and paper-based systems, removing not only time-consuming manual processes but most importantly bringing disparate data sets together to tell meaningful stories.

Utilised together, not only do they bring a better return on investment with savings made from legacy and standalone IT costs, they provide meaningful insight to improve performance and often provide a competitive advantage.

Our areas of expertise expand across:

  • Health and Safety

  • Environmental and CSR

  • Property and Asset Management

  • Supply Chain

  • Risk Management