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Avant Garde Total Solutions is a Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Consultancy that provides consultancy services and online training courses to organisations wanting to refine their HSQE management systems and improve their performance and safety culture. Our consultants will guide your organisation towards achieving long-term results through a range of services, including the development of management systems and training. At Avant Garde Total Solutions, we believe that the combination and interaction between people and management systems opens infinite possibilities for companies that aim to be world-class leaders in their industries. We strive to create a symbiosis between all aspects of your business strategy, including profit, productivity, corporate, social and eco responsibilities. Interacting with people is a key and integral part of an effective and competent HSQE professional. Sharing our enthusiasm, we participate at every stage in the process and can assist with decisions and direction. Avant Garde Total Solutions is committed to helping you improve and refine your Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) obligations. We manage each project carefully, and through a constant review process. We help build a mutually profitable relationship, which ensures your long-term success through our understanding of your needs, expectations and aspirations. Make us part of your team and we will help you succeed!