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Written by: alcumus
19th July

Transcending Safety During a Pandemic

With COVID-19 as a leading risk, and the fact that Aim Environmental Group manages the organic waste of over 3,400,000 people daily, they have done all they can to ensure the safety of all team members to enter this new state of reality with confidence.

Open Communication

Frequent two-way communication has been a key factor at Aim Environmental Group.

With the help of socially distanced meetings and Toolbox Talks found on the eCompliance app, managers have been able to speak to team members to give them the proper information to help alleviate any sense of fear and anxiety.

Workers are encouraged to share information on where they have been going over the weekends, who they’ve been spending time with, and what they’ve been doing to encourage a sense of responsibility for each other’s well-being.

COVID-19 eLearning Courses

Prior to using eCompliance’s eLearning platform, it was quite difficult to keep track of all data in relation to certificates and retraining dates.

With eCompliance’s new COVID-19 focused courses, including COVID-19 Preparedness for Employers and Employees and COVID-19: Protecting Yourself and Others, workers have been able to feel more confident and engaged, while going to work every day.

Not only has eCompliance’s eLearning platform helped Aim Environmental Group’s front-line feel safer, but it has also helped spark curiosity and stimulate conversations in health and safety meetings.

AIM Environmental Group

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