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Helping organisations to effectively manage asbestos across their operation.

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If you are an organisation’s principal duty holder, then you will have responsibility for managing the maintenance and repair of their premises and equipment. As part of this role, you will need to ensure that any asbestos in your building is correctly managed, recorded and that relevant parties are informed. If these records are not effectively managed, the results can be catastrophic for both businesses and their staff. The effective management of asbestos can result in several challenges for a business;

  • Manual systems – Asbestos reports are extremely comprehensive, averaging 60 pages in length. These static, highly detailed reports often result in managers being unable to gain a clear and transparent view of their asbestos information. It also means updates must be changed manually in every document, with communications sent to relevant parties every time information is added.

  • Complex stakeholder chains – The wide range of people who need to know the locations, type and amount of asbestos present means that it is often difficult for organisations to ensure that all stakeholders have access to relevant data. Any miscommunication of vital information could result in prosecutions, fines or catastrophic health and safety breaches.

  • Static systems – The traditional approach to managing asbestos is an extensive paper report. In many instances, these are often stored offsite and in a format that means staff lack the information they need to effectively manage their asbestos risks.  Static reports also mean that if information changes, the entire report must be updated and communicated, creating a resource heavy process.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus Info Exchange’s asbestos management module provides organisations with a sophisticated solution
to managing asbestos within their business.

Real time data

Having instant access to the system means any changes can be updated and recorded as an when they happen. This ensures all information is kept up to date 24/7 and provides assurance that a business is operating compliantly.


Reporting functionality

The extensive reporting functionality within Info Exchange means that staff can instantly report on where asbestos is in buildings and what type is present, providing organisations with highly detailed management information.

Simple, unlimited access

With unlimited user licenses as standard, organisations can give contractors access to the system so that they are immediately aware of all asbestos locations where they are working.

Automated notifications

Managing asbestos across multiple buildings and locations can be hugely challenging. Automated notifications in Info Exchange mean that you will receive automatic reminders, will never miss a reporting deadline and won’t fall behind on your statutory compliance.

Action management

This provides organisations with immediate oversight on the parties responsible for the maintenance, monitoring and removal of asbestos, ensuring they are compliant with the regulations and can monitor KPIs.

Audit trail

It’s vital that organisations know which individuals own tasks and whether they have been completed. The audit trail functionality within Info Exchange documents all actions, their status and the next steps, enabling managers to have a completely transparent view of their asbestos management strategy.

Search functions

The search functions enable staff to access asbestos reports for specific buildings at the touch of a button.

Mapping tools

The ability to store detailed floor plans enables users to accurately detail where asbestos is present. This enables a business to fully map the asbestos footprint across their property portfolio and access this information at the click of a button.

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