Audits and Inspections

Creating robust audit and inspection strategies while reducing the administrative burden on staff.

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Conducting and reporting on internal audits can be a hugely time consuming and complex process.  Safety inspections, quality checks, surveys, inspections and monthly audits regularly cause headaches for organisations, but this activity is essential in order to ensure that they operate compliantly and mitigate future risks. However, there are common challenges that businesses face when trying to manage their audits and inspections.

  • Accountability – Audits and inspections typically create a large volume of tasks for a significant number of people around an organisation. If these tasks are recorded using manual or paper-based processes, then it becomes increasingly difficult for staff to accurately track and manage the output of audits. This results in organisations struggling to attribute and measure accountability, which also results in incomplete evidence trails.

  • Inaccurate data – Larger organisations are likely to undertake a significant number of audits and inspections which will create large volumes of data. If this information is not captured accurately and consistently, it will prove very difficult to interrogate the information, identify trends and establish meaningful conclusions.

  • Lack of visibility – Traditional audit and inspection reports are often highly detailed but static in nature, which means that that it is very difficult for stakeholders to have an overarching view of schedules, remedial actions and frequency of audits and inspections. This often results in companies adopting a reactive, rather than proactive approach.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus Info Exchange allows organisations to record their audit and inspection data in one system,
enabling data transparency, effective reporting and a proactive approach.

Bespoke forms

Info Exchange’s functionality enables users to create bespoke forms to complete their audits and inspections. This ensures that users are collecting all essential information at source in an accurate and consistent way.


Workflow management

The workflow functionality within Info Exchange means that until certain tasks are completed, users cannot move onto the next stage of a process. This ensures that all audit and inspection tasks can only be undertaken in accordance with approved business processes.

Results based scheduling

Management can use the system to identify issues with the accuracy of audits and ensure that those teams who score beneath certain performance thresholds are checked more regularly than those who consistently meet expected standards.


Users can easily identify audit failure trends with the Info Exchange reporting functionality. This means that organisations can quickly identify areas that are consistently falling below expected standards and proactively take action.

Offline access

All audits can be completed on a mobile phone or a tablet without the need for internet access. Once the device is connected to the internet, the forms can be synced and all the data will be recorded online.

GPS location tracking

For complete confidence that essential tasks are being undertaken thoroughly, users can tag their audit location using GPS tracking. This gives organisations complete confidence that remote audits and inspections are being conducted on-site in line with best practice.

Management of schedules

As all the audit and inspection reports are hosted on one system, managing schedules, monitoring inspection frequency and proactively planning for future tasks can be completed far more effectively.

Action management

Organisations have a view of what the remedial actions are, who is assigned to undertake them and when they are due to be completed by. Users can also gain insight into why actions are overdue and take appropriate remedial action.

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