COSHH Management

Managing, controlling and tracking the use of hazardous substances across your organisation

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If your business uses or creates hazardous substances as part of your day to day processes, a robust COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) management strategy is vital to safeguard your staff and comply with legislation.

This can be a complex task. Changing legislation, the introduction of new substances and the risk of human error means that you need a simple and structured way of protecting your staff and your business.

The ‘COSHH cycle’ consists of three stages – management and assessment, training and monitoring and maintenance – and is the basis from which all companies are expected to demonstrate their compliance with legislation. However, implementing a robust strategy to effectively meet all regulatory requirements can create significant challenges for organisations:

  • A lack of COSHH expertise – As a niche and highly complex part of health and safety, most businesses do not have access to a specialist chemist or occupational hygienist that can decipher product information, apply it to legislation and write fully compliant COSHH assessments.

  • Time taken to write COSHH assessments – On average, it takes a health and safety professional around 45 minutes to write a fully compliant COSHH assessment.  With many organisations requiring hundreds, if not thousands, of assessments, this can place a huge burden on any health and safety team.

  • Keeping your COSHH assessments up to date – Changing regulation, product ingredients and internal processes mean that is very difficult for organisations to ensure that every COSHH assessment they are using remains fully compliant.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus’ COSHH management module gives organisations a comprehensive and transparent view
of hazardous substance management across their operation

Access to professionally written COSHH assessments

With more than 750,000 COSHH assessments available at the click of a button, you can quickly create fully compliant assessments for your operation.


Document creation for all types of user

The system creates detailed exposure scenarios, summary sheets, worker reference sheets and COSHH control sheets to provide complete COSHH coverage.

Reporting and dashboard functionality

Users can access comprehensive management information on the use of hazardous substances across the business, including the number of assessments per site or department.

Multi-task assessments

The system enables you to link common assessments to multiple locations across your business, saving you the time of effort of writing multiple assessments.

Acts as a Safety Data Sheet repository

Store all your Safety Data Sheets in a digital library for ease of access and reporting.

Access to a team of COSHH experts

The technical helpdesk is available to all clients up to 7 days a week. Our team of highly experienced consultants are on hand via email or phone to answer any technical COSHH queries.

Multi-hazard classification

Materials classified under environmental hazard classification as well as health hazards.

Proactive substance substitution

The system reviews your assessments and recommends safer substitutes in accordance with the COSHH hierarchy of control.

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