Statutory Compliance

Ensuring a business remains compliant across all its sites and operations.

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Statutory compliance is high on the agenda for all organisations. If a business fails to meet the standards set out by legislation, then they could be subject to prosecutions, significant fines and huge reputational damage. All areas of a business could be subject to statutory compliance; for example, any organisations that use water systems will need to comply with legionella legislation. This means that there are a wide range of challenges that businesses face when trying to monitor and maintain their statutory compliance.

  • Lack of accountability  If a business operates on multiple sites, health and safety managers are likely to be reliant on their fellow employees to regularly monitor and report on their compliance areas. If this is not done accurately, then the business could be subject to major fines.

  • Volume of information – Increasingly stringent legislation means that organisations now have to hold a large amount of information relating to statutory compliance regulations. This data is often held in folders or spreadsheets which means that the chances of it being lost, corrupted or shared inappropriately is significantly higher – which can result in catastrophic reputational damage.

  • Manual processes – Reliance on manual processes often results in high administration costs, duplication of effort and challenges around accurate reporting as there is no overarching system in place.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus Info Exchange’s statutory compliance module gives an organisation the ability to proactively manage
their regulatory governance.

Data storage

A vast amount of data can be easily held within the system, including historical data. This enables managers to prove retrospective compliance with legislation and protect themselves against any claims or fines.


Dashboard reporting

The dashboard reporting provides a clear view of all compliance within the business. Users can colour-code relevant business areas, highlight outstanding items and easily demonstrate audit trails.

Performance benchmarking

Managers can easily benchmark performance against historic data. This clearly demonstrates the organisation’s progression and enables managers to proactively monitor their statutory compliance.

Assigning contractors

Managers can assign trusted contractors to any works that need to be done. Data that is usually held within the contractor’s records can also be stored within the organisation’s system, providing visibility and ownership.

API functionality

The functionality within Info Exchange means that data can be exported and imported across systems. This reduces the manual process of cross-referencing information and ensures all systems remain up to date.

Information transparency

The Info Exchange system provides complete transparency for users over all the areas which need to be compliant, the individuals who are responsible and any outstanding actions, enabling managers to have a proactive approach to statutory compliance.

Maintenance scheduling

Managers or contractors can easily schedule in maintenance work or compliance reports for individual areas or assets within a business. This ensures that a business remains proactive and compliant, mitigating any potential risks.

Auditing program

Auditors can be given remote access to the system, enabling them to see what areas of the business are compliant before going on site. This results in time saving, greater efficiency and improved profitability.

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