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Employees across all organisations will have to be trained in a range of areas. This could include common topics such as data protection and simple first aid, through to mandatory training that is required to undertake certain types of specialist work. The importance of documenting the specific skills and qualifications of a workforce presents some significant challenges that organisations need to take seriously, in order to ensure their compliance with legislation.

  • Manual processes The management of training schedules is often completed via spreadsheets or paper-based forms which makes the gathering of robust L&D records, certificates and qualifications a highly manual process.  As a result, this can cause discrepancies in data, inaccurate personal information and the risk of unqualified staff undertaking potentially dangerous tasks.

  • Reporting – All organisations will need to effectively manage their training schedules and costs to maximise their return on investment. As staff training programmes often span multiple departments and sites, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to generate accurate reports that document staff qualifications, professional membership renewals and mandatory refresher training.

  • Visibility of training data – If the aforementioned points are not correctly managed, creating one true view of your organisation’s training data is virtually impossible to achieve. This can leave an organisation vulnerable to the risk of staff working on tasks that they are not qualified for, increasing the risk of health and safety breaches.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus Info Exchange’s training and competencies module provides organisations with one true view
of their staff training strategy.

Reporting and dashboard functionality

Managers can easily see which member of staff has completed allotted training and whether they passed, whilst also having visibility over what training is overdue. This provides managers with the reassurance that all their team’s training is up-to-date.


Attaching external data

Certificates, reports and photos can be uploaded onto the platform, providing evidence that employees have successfully completed training. This provides managers and external agencies with a robust audit trail and the confidence that their employees are working compliantly.

API Functionality

This functionality within Alcumus Info Exchange enables data to be imported and exported across different platforms, such as spreadsheets and training programs. This means that all systems will be maintained consistently and remain up to date.

Remote forms

Managers can assign trusted contractors to any works that need to be done. Data that is usually held within the contractor’s records can also be stored within the organisation’s system, providing visibility and ownership.

Automated notifications

Employees and managers can be updated on upcoming or overdue training, with the system automatically sending email notifications to relevant parties. This will provide timely reminders for them to organise their training sessions, as well as instructions on how to do so.

Action management

The action management functionality enables managers to oversee the status of different actions and whether they are being completed efficiently. This provides organisations with the visibility and confidence that their employees across all sites are adequately trained.

Publishing functionality

The system enables companies to publish courses which can be sent to selected individuals, groups or company-wide employees. Staff can then click on the link to complete the course and managers can be notified when the course has been completed, saving time, reducing manual administration and driving productivity.

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