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Protecting the health of your workforce effectively and compliantly

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Employees are at the heart of every organisation and businesses have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that their workforce can undertake their duties safely. In recent years, legislation changes have resulted in more responsibility being placed on businesses to ensure that they take reasonable precautions to protect the health of their staff.  However, this responsibility also brings several challenges.

  • Static documents Occupational health reports are usually undertaken on paper-based forms, resulting in them often becoming out of date quickly. This can cause issues for managers as they may unwittingly place their team in a workplace situation that causes or exacerbates existing medical conditions. In doing so, they leave themselves and their organisation vulnerable to HSE investigations and prosecution.

  • Visibility of data – If data is held in physical formats or across several digital platforms, it can make it very difficult for managers to achieve an overarching view of their employees’ health. Without clear visibility of this data, mistakes could be made that have a detrimental impact on an employee’s health, whilst also placing the business at the risk of legislative non-compliance.

  • Disparate systems – Due to the sensitive nature of the data that is captured in occupational health reports, varying types of information are often stored in several different systems or formats. This approach increases the chance that data could be lost, transferred inappropriately or recorded incorrectly, which could leave an organisation vulnerable to data protection breaches and fines.

Core module features and benefits

Alcumus’ workplace and occupational health module helps protect employee data whilst also improving
reporting for health and safety professionals

Reporting and dashboard functionality

Managers can create unique, job specific reports, amongst various other types of reports. The data stored can be stored anonymously so that managers can clearly understand the health of their employees without compromising the sensitive nature of the information.


Targeted assessments

To ensure consistent and specific information is captured, managers can create assessments that only ask relevant questions related to the nature of the job type, the health concern or the work site.


The functionality within Info Exchange enables viewing and editing permissions to be set, which means that data can only be accessed by employees if they have been judged to require access to it. This significantly reduces the chance of data breaches.

Audit history

Info Exchange offers the ability to track what amends have been made, by whom and when. This provides insight for the business and creates accountability, giving managers the reassurance and confidence that their data is correct.


Managers can compare current and historical data, enabling KPIs to be created that monitor improvements in workplace occupational health management and changes to the work environment.


Actions or assessments can trigger notifications to the relevant parties. This means that managers can proactively ensure that all employee health checks are up to date.

Uploading external information

Certificates, medical reports, employee statements and other items can be uploaded and shared on the system. This gives managers the confidence that they have a true view of the health of their employees and can make informed decisions.

Trend analysis

Managers can undertake trend analyses, reviewing specific jobs, tasks or work sites to identify common illnesses that occur amongst the workforce. This enables the organisation to take proactive action to implement new controls that will mitigate against the chance of future health concerns.

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