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Property, vehicles and other assets are often some of the most valuable resources on a business’s balance sheet. Therefore, ensuring that they are managed and maintained effectively should be a key priority.

Whether you need secure storage of lease agreements, proactive maintenance plans or a reactive maintenance strategy, Info Exchange enables you to manage your property, facilities and asset portfolio more effectively.




Choose from our modules that will support every element of your asset management strategy

It’s essential that organisations provide a log of all assets and equipment, with details of any inspection checks, planned maintenance and testing. With Alcumus Info Exchange, notifications and reminders can be scheduled to manage these key tasks simply and efficiently.

Create a comprehensive register of all assets and equipment, set deadlines and notifications for testing requirements while reducing the risk of incidents and unexpected breakdown costs.


  • Asset Register

  • SFG20 integration

  • Lifecycle management

  • Inspection and servicing

  • Remedial action management

  • Statutory Compliance

  • LOLER  

Coordinate all health, safety and maintenance related work across your sites, buildings and offices quickly and easily. Schedule recurring work and inspections, diarise mandatory checks and monitor progress against key actions.


  • Statutory Compliance

  • Storing of documents and certificates

  • Building Inspections

  • Service & Maintenance Programmes

  • EPC  

Manage your property portfolio from one platform, including leases, rents and all supporting legal documentation.

Securely store these documents in one location, schedule vital document reviews and ensure that essential deadlines are always met.


  • Lease and rent management

  • Rates

  • Acquisitions and disposals

  • Service charges

  • Insurance

  • Dilapidations

  • IFRS 16

  • Zoning  

Alcumus Info Exchange collates all insurance and claims management information into a simple platform, helping you to optimise your insurance coverage and reduce costs.

System users have the ability to centralise the management of all insurance policy programmes and renewals for submission to insurance companies, while maintaining visibility over costings and claims.  And by linking to an Info Exchange incident application, you can follow the process from initial incident report to insurance and claim documentation.


  • Claims management

  • Renewals

  • Policy Management

Manage and measure your overall compliance against internal KPIs and regulatory requirements.

Audit reporting can be a hugely time consuming and complicated process, with quality checks, surveys, inspections and monthly audits regularly causing a headache. Alcumus Info Exchange allows you to manage data from one central location, reducing the administrative burden on your organisation and providing ‘one true view’ of your organisational compliance.


  • Managing frequency of incidents

  • Offline form completion

  • Configurable scoring

  • Create tailored questionnaires and checklists

  • Assign corrective actions to individual questions

  • Track non-conformances

  • Analyse report results

CAFM is the support of facilities management using information technology. Alcumus Info Exchange allows Facilities Managers to plan and manage all activities involved in reactive and planned preventative maintenance (PPM).

Our comprehensive software enables more effective long-term planning of sites, services and maintenance to ensure consistency across your organisation. Alcumus Info Exchange also incorporates a facility that allows users to record on-site details of a fault and provide a workflow from initial log to job completion; this means increased operational efficiency, cost reductions and time savings for your organisation.


  • Reactive Maintenance

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

  • Remedial action management

  • Asset Register 

The Permit to Work solution allows office staff and workers to digitally manage, create and issue work permits, maintaining complete control of your suppliers and on-site projects.

You can create and issue work permits both online or using our remote form, giving you access to key information wherever you are. This functionality complements our Supplier Management module, which uses a list of approved suppliers to attribute tasks and updates to each individual.


  • Create and issue work permits digitally

  • Check your contractors’ permit status in real time

  • Eliminate delays in permit approval processes

It’s crucial to demonstrate compliance with the management of asbestos within assets and premises. The Asbestos Information Management solution provides a secure online facility to manage known asbestos risks and locations, log survey registers, store documentation and record location information through the optional Google Maps integration.


  • Asbestos Survey Register

  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Register & Risk Status

  • Areas not accessed

  • Maps

  • Sample Plans

  • Removals

  • Condition Checks

  • Photographs

At Info Exchange, our Fleet Management solution offers users the ability to record and capture details about vehicles and drivers, log any repairs or defects, record details about services and make note of any driver training courses. Designed for fleets of any size, the system enables Fleet Managers to collate all of your data on one platform for ease of access and reporting.


  • Fleet Lease Management

  • Vehicle Checks & Maintenance

  • Vehicle Incidents

  • Vehicle Booking

  • MOT/Service Scheduling

  • Manual Handling Equipment (MHE)

  • Fuel Cards & Consumption

  • Roadside Encounters  

Our FM Helpdesk module is ideal for organisations with a property portfolio who are in need of a solution that enables employees, contractors and FM teams to effectively record and manage reactive maintenance issues.


  • Easy access through remote forms ensuring anyone can raise a job, and your contractors can update any works undertaken

  • The ability to request and accept quotes from your contractors, further streamlining your process

  • Standard forms with drop down selections, mandatory fields and the ability to add photographs, enabling FM teams to have the information they need to prioritise and respond to a job quickly

  • Automated email notifications that will alert FM teams as soon as a job is raised and help keep stakeholders informed on how a job is progressing

  • All information relating to a job in one place with the ability to add emails, documents and costings



Northgate PLC is the UK’s largest commercial vehicle rental provider. Based in Darlington, County Durham, they have over 100,000 vehicles in the UK and Spain.

With such a wide and varied scale of requests being received every day, Northgate wanted to
implement Alcumus Info Exchange to help them manage tickets more effectively, coordinate the required actions and monitor the progress of these jobs through to completion.


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