Health and Safety Consultants

Our Health and Safety Consultants provide expert health and safety advice

What can our Health and Safety consultants support you?

  • 24/7 health and safety support
  • Tailored health and safety policy
  • Health and safety audit
  • Create a robust accident procedure
  • Advice creating risk assessments
  • Support during a safety accreditation

Our friendly team of health and safety consultants have provided health and safety support to small business for over 30 years, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

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Why do you need a Health and Safety consultant?

  • Reduce your time spent understanding health and safety legislations

  • Become confident your business is minimizing your risk

  • Spend less time on health and safety admin

  • Gain regular communication when changes in legislation changes happen

  • Gain a competent person for your business that can handle your health and safety matters


What are the benefits of our health and safety consultants?

Cost-effective Health and Safety

The average health and safety manager costs £37k, but our health and safety consultant packages start from £1,531 a year!

Saves you time

Choosing a Health and Safety consultant will provide greater efficiency and less time spent on administrative tasks, giving you more time to run your business.

24/7 health and safety support

Our Health and Safety consultants have a wealth of experience in a variety of matters, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Need more convincing?

Read our blog on why outsourcing health and safety is the answer for you.


Our Health and Safety packages

Take a look at what our health and safety consultant packages can offer you.

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How do our health and safety consultants help businesses


What can you expect from our Health and Safety consultants?

“I’m not confident we have a robust procedure if there’s an accident at work.” “Where do I start with health and safety policies?” “We’re struggling to get our accreditation and don’t know where to begin” “Is my business safe and compliant?” “I need reports I can trust, I’m fed up of working from spreadsheets.”

This is only a fraction of how our health and safety consultants can help you.

Support during an accident

If you’ve had an accident at work or a problem arises, our health and safety consultants are on hand to provide advice and support every step of the way

Health and safety policies

Did you know, these need to be reviewed at least once a year? Our health and safety consultants can create tailored health and safety policy for you

Safety Accreditation

We understand the complexity of getting accredited, and we know how to get you through the process – it’s our bread and butter!

Your Competent Person

Every business needs a health and safety Competent Person, and our health and safety consultants can become exactly that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our packages are cost-effective and considerably cheaper than hiring an internal Health and Safety representative. If you want a little more information, speak to our sales team to understand what features are included in each package.

Creating long-lasting relationships with our HR consultants is vital for success. Our Health & Safety consultants are here to work collaboratively with you and your business. They will take the time to get to know your business through face-to-face consultations, video meetings, or phone calls.

Our 24/7 support line is there to help you any time of the day. We work with many businesses that operate outside of the standard 9-5, which is why we are always here to support and advise on your HR needs.

Each package will provide a standard amount of time allocated for Health and Safety consultancy. But we understand that your business won’t always know the level of support needed year on year. Our sales team can help you choose which level of support your business needs, and you can always increase your package.


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