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Evalu-8 is a HR software system that provides HR support to reduce your admin, manage your employees and help grow your business.

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Evalu-8 – 2020 Award Winner – Most Innovative New HR Technology

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Ask yourself, how many times a week are you asked; how many holidays do I have, where is the expenses form or when is my next shift. You may be running off a million different spreadsheets and you’re starting to lose track. With our HR software, you can say goodbye to all these problems.

Evalu-8 is a HR software that has been developed by HR experts.

Introducing Evalu-8. Making your work life simple.

We’ve been working with the team at Evalu-8 to design and build a platform which we know will take away some of the noise – allowing you to get on with running your business.

Our Evalu8 platform allows you to keep track of holidays, sickness, shift patterns and expenses amongst other things all in one place. All of which is visible to you and if you choose to, members of staff.

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We also support you with your health & safety needs, find out how we keep you compliant and reduce your risk

How does our HR software help your business?

  • Efficiency: forget spending hours going through multiple spreadsheets and chasing employees up for their information. With our HR software system, everything is in one user-friendly destination.

  • Time: we guarantee as soon as you’ve set up your Evalu-8 account with your business and employee information, your time spent on HR admin will dramatically reduce.

  • Process: Healthy, growing businesses need clear processes to manage their employees, and our Evalu-8 HR software provides exactly that.

  • Reporting: Keep on top of all your HR processes, the built-in reporting system means you’re always in the know.

What can our HR software do for you?

  • Manage shift rotas – With our simple shift pattern feature, you can easily create a shift rota in as little as 4 clicks! The software will tell you the cost of each shift, meaning you can operate within your budget. Employees can view their shifts on any device, at any time making it easy to keep them informed.

  • Manage Annual Leave – It can get confusing running annual leave allocations on a spreadsheet, but with our simple tool employees can login to their Evalu-8 account and request their annual leave. This request can be accepted or rejected by their manager and instantly added to your annual leave report.

  • Manage expenses – Our easy-to-use HR software enables you and your employees to submit their expenses for manager approval. This feature is perfect to keep on track of all your expenses and with the added benefit of automated reports, so you know exactly who’s spending money, when, and why.

  • Employee Training – Do members of your team need training? So you never miss a deadline and all of your employees are up to date with their training, our HR software will remind you of any upcoming training deadlines and renewal dates. You can also store all of your training accreditation in our system – so goodbye to losing important documents!

  • Branded templates – We understand the importance of branding, and in our HR software, your policies and documents can be edited to incorporate your companies branding. This is perfect for a growing business that wants to present its professionalism.

  • Secure storage – You want to know that your company information is in a secure place. Our system is held on AWS serves and SSL encrypted so you can rest easy knowing your company information is safe and secure.

  • HR Software App – Having an app is an essential part of our HR software it means your employees can request holiday leave, check their shifts and claim their expenses on their phones. Perfect for businesses that are on the go and don’t have a large proportion of employees in an office environment.

  • Bradford Factor Scoring – You can objectively manage employee absence using the Bradford factor scoring system. You’ll be able to customize the score thresholds and select which absence should contribute to the score. This tool is perfect for any employer looking to improve their employee absence management.

How do I set up my HR software?

  • We believe in making your HR admin tasks quick and simple so you can get on with growing your business. Evalu-8 is a user-friendly platform designed for all, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll be able to use our HR software with ease.

    Step One – When you sign up for Evalu-8 you’ll receive your login details and access to the Evalu-8 onboarding training videos.

  • Step Two – To truly understand our HR software potential, watching our training videos is a great place to start – you’ll be an expert in no time!

  • Step Three – Personalise your dashboard – we know every business is different which is why Evalu-8 lets you decide what is important for your business

  • Step Four – Adding your employees – there is no limit to the number of employees you can add to our HR software. As soon as you add an employee they will receive their unique login details and access to training videos.

  • Step Five – Now you’re ready to go! But don’t worry, we’re always here if you need help or guidance.

Frequently asked questions

We have packages to suit all sized businesses, typically the cost is £1.50 per user, per month. We believe that for the amount of time our HR software will save you on your day-to-day job, it is very cost-effective.

We have a simple onboarding process that is designed to make the process simple, you’ll also have access to our training course, and our team is always here to answer your questions.

Evalu-8 is GDPR compliant because the data is stored in the EU. Access/permissions to all information and features are controlled within the system by an administrator and provided to only those that need it in order to carry out their duties.

The data is secure, it is held on AWS servers (arguably the most secure in the World) and is SSL encrypted.

Your subscription is based on the number of employees you want to add to Evalu-8, but if you go over your limit you can contact us to make the necessary adjustments to your package.


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