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Integrity. Commitment. Excellence. These days, it's hard knowing who to trust. How can you get to a point where you feel confident in the security of your systems, people and processes? Can that new supplier keep your sensitive data out of the hands of cyber criminals? Can your own systems resist a coordinated attack from state-sponsored hackers? Is that really your bank calling to tell you there's been a fraudulent transaction on your account? Without years of experience, these questions can be difficult to answer. Our Approach to GDPR. We'll take the time to understand your organisations data processing activities and the location, portability and processing of personal data within, including consideration to legal requirements, before laying out the steps you need to take to comply. Data Discovery & Mapping - identifying and understanding personal data held by the organisation resulting in the creation of key GDPR documents - data inventory and data flow maps GDPR Gap Analysis & Roadmap - identifying gaps in the organisation's current stance against the requirements of GDPR and providing recommendations for compliance in a prioritised road map Implementation Workshop - to prepare all parties for the implementation of the roadmap to achieve and maintain compliance with EU GDPRAs security experts, we get it. Commissum works with business and government agencies of all sizes in a variety of highly-demanding circumstances, returning real value for security spend by working in collaboration with our clients.