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Alcumus connect clients, contractors and suppliers to improve safety, sustainability and governance across multiple trades and industries.

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As a supplier of services, on or offsite, you know reputation is key to keeping your current clients and winning new business.

The need to evidence safe working practices, ethical standards, financial, cyber and sustainability credentials are increasing year after year.

Procurement and Health and Safety professionals know much of your risk is connected to supply chains that struggle to manage accelerated change, or are too opaque, exposing you to irresponsible practices.



Onboarding contractors is inefficient and slow and it is often impossible to prove safety and Environment Social and Governance (ESG) compliance. This is increasingly important now that accountability lies with the board who must report to regulators and shareholders.

Only the most verifiably competent can achieve Alcumus accreditation. They can then, easily demonstrate credibile capability, opening doors to responsible commercial clients who want to work with the best fit, most sustainable, and ethical contractors.


Total Contractor Managment solution

Thousands of leading international brands trust the uncompromising standards Alcumus demands from our members. Subscription to our digital platform means they are immediately connected to verified, audited profiles detailing specific competencies, insurance status and ethical practices.

Alcumus’ end-to-end Total Contractor Management solution ensure permits are then appropriately managed, and they have a full health and safety journey to suit their risk exposure such as chemical, incident and asset management.

Alcumus is a globally recognized accreditation solution provider. Our best-in-class accreditation and risk management solutions are used by tens of thousands of contractors and clients ensuring that delivers consistent value across a trusted network.

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