Alcumus Systems Policy

Alcumus is a Leading Provider of Technology-Led Risk Management Solutions.

Helping organisations become safer, healthier and stronger.

We are proud of our continuing development and improvement, and our ability to satisfy our clients’ needs. Senior management also recognises that the disciplines of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information are integral parts of its management function.

The scope of our management system meets the requirements of:

For ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

  • The design and delivery of technology enabled company risk management solutions, including the provision of software, information services, audits, consultancy, training and accreditation for supply chain management.
  • The provision of standard and bespoke Supply Chain Management, Approval and Accreditation solutions (provided in the UK and North America).
  • The provision of health and safety consultancy solutions (provided in the UK).
  • The provision of HR Management and Employment Law consultancy (provided in the UK).

And for ISO 27001

  • The delivery of technology enabled compliance risk management solutions including the provision of software, information services, audits, consultancy, training and accreditation services via in-house information technology systems in accordance with the statement of applicability.

All services are delivered by trained and competent personnel to our clients using innovation and information technology to ensure continued efficiency and market leadership.

All services are continually reviewed to ensure we are providing the service demanded by our clients in an ever-changing legislative environment.

To maintain our high standards, Alcumus will pursue a policy of recruiting the best people available and developing their skills through training and coaching to enable them to achieve their best potential.

All employees are committed to comply with the company management system and any appropriate and relevant procedures and policies and shall strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

This policy is communicated to all employees through internal methods at each location and is available on the company website.

This policy and business objectives are set and agreed by Senior Management and at Board level. The business objectives will be measurable and monitored in order to evaluate progress and ultimate achievement. Business objectives are communicated throughout the organisation through regular email, Teams and SharePoint communication and employee performance development reviews.

Monthly reports are produced on meeting business objectives and are issued to and reviewed by the Board. These are mainly business objectives for the services provided to clients. Meeting environmental and occupational health and safety objectives are reported on a quarterly basis and meeting information security objectives are reported on a six-monthly basis. Alcumus has an internal sustainability strategy and programme which adds to and furthers these objectives. These are supported by a Global Sustainability Manager, Sustainability Steering Group and Sustainability Champions.

Alcumus is committed to protecting the environment through the prevention of pollution and continuous improvement in the organisation’s environmental management and performance, including the management of all ESG factors in the business.

Minimisation of environmental impact will be achieved via source reduction or elimination to lessen or avoid waste generation. Where practicable, waste will be reused or recycled.

Waste disposal is considered the option of last resort. Our carbon footprint will be monitored, and measures will be implemented to reduce the emissions from our company vehicles and from the energy usage in our buildings. Where air-conditioning is used and leaks are detected, these shall be dealt with quickly and in compliance with relevant legislation.

Alcumus is also committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and to that of others who may be affected by our activities. This commitment includes the prevention of injury and ill health and extends to a continual improvement in our occupational health and safety management and performance. This includes a commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health and to the specific nature of the OH&S risks and OH&S opportunities of our activities.

Alcumus recognizes that this is strategically important to business performance, the creation of a positive health and safety culture and the drive towards zero harm, which is our commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks. In implementing this policy. Alcumus is committed to consultation with our employees to allow them to contribute to and participate in the management system.  Every business area has a nominated Health, Safety and Environmental Representative who attends and represents workers on the Health, Safety and Environment Committee meetings. Human Resources produce and deliver an annual wellbeing programme of events for employees.

Alcumus is committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all the information assets throughout our business in order to preserve our competitive edge, cashflow, profitability, legal, regulatory and contractual compliance and commercial image.

Senior Management views these as primary responsibilities and fundamental to the best business practice of adopting appropriate information security controls.

All employees are committed to help in achieving these aims by providing truthful and accurate information on job applications and in supporting documentation and throughout their work; by being aware of and applying the requirements of this policy and supporting processes and by storing or processing data in compliance with its classification level; by observing the content of their confidentiality agreement with  Alcumus; by promptly identifying and reporting any security incidents, actual or suspected security weaknesses or software malfunctions through the appropriate management channel (IT Service Desk/Tech Support) or to an Information Security Representative and by cooperating with Alcumus’ initiatives in responding to incidents.

The nature and scale of impacts and risks which potentially may result from our activities have been evaluated as part of our risk assessment process and where applicable these have either been eliminated, mitigated or minimalised and are subject to ongoing review.

Legislative requirements for the environment, occupational health and safety, and information security are the minimal level that will be acceptable to the organisation. The Board will set the specific quality, health and safety, information security and ESG (environmental, social and governance) objectives by which the organisation’s performance will be measured and we are committed to planning, documenting, measuring, reviewing and auditing our management programmes and performance on a regular frequency.

Senior management will ensure that any incidents that may compromise these policies are promptly investigated and that appropriate corrective actions and actions to prevent a reoccurrence are put in place.

This policy commits senior management and all relevant employees to working closely with all interested parties in seeking to meet their requirements and to establish appropriate standards of service delivery. Built into the management system is a provision for business continuity. In the event of a business continuity incident Alcumus will:

minimise the impact on Alcumus and its customers of any interruption to normal activities.

recover customer service operations, within an acceptable time frame, following an incident.

have in place cost-effective resilience and damage mitigation arrangements.

There is commitment to providing leadership through all management levels.

Senior management acknowledges that it is responsible for the implementation of the management system and identification of any risks and opportunities that may result.

Senior management will ensure that all those responsible for meeting the policies have the necessary information, instruction and training in order to carry out their responsibilities and   comply with all statutory requirements and codes of practice.

Competent people will be appointed to assist us in meeting our statutory duties including, where appropriate, specialists from outside of the organisation.

Whilst overall responsibility for the management system rests at the highest management level, the success of the organisation’s management policy is dependent upon the cooperation of all its employees.

Signed by

Alyn Franklin

Chief Executive Officer, Alcumus Group

Axys House, Heol Crochendy, Parc Nantgarw, Cardiff, CF15 7TW 
[email protected]
0343 253 8365