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Alcumus launches ESG solution in North America

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Written by: alcumus
21st April

The ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) solution is hyper-focused on providing data visibility, quality, and transparency with new launch.

Alcumus is thrilled to launch it in North America as it is the first solution of its kind to link material ESG factors together into a single platform, aligned to international best practice.

New management and analytics platform tracks 11 key ESG areas including:

  • Environment (Carbon, Waste, Water)
  • Social (Forced Labour, Diversity, People Development, Social Value)
  • Governance (ESG Profit Contribution, Anti-Bribery, Safety, Cyber)

The platform enables businesses of all sizes to build one comprehensive view of their ESG performance, providing expansive data analysis across 11 key ESG areas.

The Alcumus ESG solution will help link sustainability decisions with risk management processes to track, organize, interpret, and present data to managers, senior leadership and investors on ESG performance and impact.

“The launch of the ESG solution in North America is important for our organization globally but more important, for our customers in the United States and Canada." says David Picton, SVP of Sustainability, Alcumus.

“Businesses need to prove they’re managing their operations without compromising on safety, sustainability, or ethics, for their performance, their people, and their supply chains. We know that successful ESG strategies rely on diverse data streams measured accurately and consistently across business units. Current methods of data collection and storage are not uniform, resulting in challenges to reporting ESG performance accurately. Making actions and impacts measurable is the foundation of sound business decisions, setting a challenging balance that changes behaviours for commercial benefit.”

The launch is a strategic step building on our proven risk management solutions currently supporting over 45,000 customers globally, including 46% of firms in the FTSE 100.

By aggregating ESG data into one management and analytics platform, previously captured in isolation by multiple providers, spreadsheets or manual forms, organizations can easily manage compliance to regulatory requirements, quantify the financial benefit of ESG strategies and demonstrate responsible practices to stakeholders.

“Data integrity, visibility, and transparency are the true core of our ESG solution not only in North America, but globally.” says Dave Martin, SVP of Global Product Marketing, Alcumus.

“Our job is to ensure businesses have access to and can connect the right data to help them report on and realize their unique ESG objectives. Our entire team is proud to launch this solution in North America, which builds on our core goal of creating safer, more sustainable workplaces worldwide.”

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