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New Focus Areas for Managing Contractor Safety and Compliance

Faced with global disruptions such as the pandemic, as well as labor and skill shortages across the world, there is a pressing need for Health & Safety and Procurement professionals to reassess their operations more than ever before.

In our new eBook, we look at some of the key focus areas for Health & Safety and Procurement teams to ensure business continuity:

  • Third-party management reimagined to mitigate and control risks
  • How COVID-19 has triggered a fundamental shift in safety culture
  • The value of data visibility and technology to better predict risk and drive decision-making

A technology-led holistic approach is needed to build a resilient safety culture and a transparent network of contractors to combat future disruptions. Discover how with Alcumus.


The route to successful growth should be clearly focused on building resilience.

In this eBook, we explore the challenges and recommended solutions to re-building your organization’s EHS practices to achieve resilience.

  • Third party risk management¬†among contractors.

  • Data visibility to expose EHS risks.

  • Building a resilient safety culture.