Healthy Planet, People and Business

As part of our vision to create better workplaces and keep people safe, we want to have a positive impact, for everyone, in everything we do. One of the ways we can do that is through our commitment to putting sustainability at the heart of our business.


Our Sustainability Programme is about setting out our policies, initiatives and objectives so that we run our business responsibly, with positive impacts on society, ethical behaviors and minimal (or zero) impact on the environment. It is more than simply “a good thing to do”.

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, being socially responsible is a growing priority, recognizing that doing well and doing good now go hand in hand, and to implement policies that bring that to life. It’s a hugely positive opportunity for us to engage and involve our team in shaping a more sustainable journey for Alcumus. ​​​​​​


As we work towards our sustainability vision for the decade to 2030, the three key pillars of our Sustainability Programme are:

  • Our People and Our Communities (Social)
  • Our Planet (Environment)
  • Our Business (Economic)

Focusing on these three pillars as the framework for our Sustainability Programme will help us to:

  • Improve employee wellbeing, create a skilled, inclusive workforce and have positive impacts in the communities we live and work in.
  • Reduce our environmental impacts and become more energy efficient.
  • Strengthen our business, ensure that it operates responsibly and ethically, and develop mutual partnerships for sustainability with our customers and suppliers.


David Picton, SVP of Sustainability, driving the programme says:

“Sustainability isn’t a buzzword, it’s an essential part of our strategy to build our reputation and trust. Increasing expectations and growing public scrutiny mean that businesses need to demonstrate that they’re managing their operations without compromising on safety, sustainability or ethics. It’s a journey, not a destination and everything is a learning process where there will always be room for improvement to shape better futures.”


Suzie Chetri, who leading our internal Sustainability Programme says:

“Our internal sustainability programme is all about us working in a responsible way. The teams across Alcumus already do so much in their local areas and we want to bring all these great efforts into one coherent programme, setting a range of targets and ambitions to improve our sustainability credentials. The programme will cover a wide range of initiatives and we hope it will inspire everyone to get involved. The aim is for sustainability to become part of our ‘core DNA’ so it underpins everything that Alcumus does.”