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TEST Consulting Limited




TEST Consulting was created to support businesses in a rapidly changing energy and environmental market. Driven by the need to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, we help you become more than just compliant enabling you to become more proactive and objective with your strategic energy goals. We will help you develop into a sustainable and socially conscious organisation through the provision of high-level expertise in the delivery and engineering of energy management strategies, compliance and reduction techniques. Along with supporting your business in the implementation of internationally recognised standards we use techniques such as Kaizen and Hoshin, to create an optimised energy strategy whilst increasing awareness and a culture of excellence around energy. This in turn leads to positive engagement from the boardroom to shop floor with unequivocal financial savings and system performance, growing and supporting your business's core beliefs around sustainability, the environment and social responsibility. Through our partnerships with leading energy efficiency technology companies, we blend hardware with software to provide scalable, manageable and systemised processes. Whatever the size of your business, at whatever the stage you are at of your energy journey, we allow you to run your business with the assurance that your energy impact is minimised, your sustainability maximised and energy performance optimised. Our specialist area's are ISO 50001, Net Zero, Decarbonisation Strategies, Carbon Management Planning and Circular Economy processes. We are a growing business, which has been created from our outstanding results and an award winning approach.