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Offering cutting-edge wireline and completion services, Reach Wireline provides the very best to those working in the oil and gas industry. Since 2017, they have offered their expertise and dynamic equipment to help address challenges when it comes to oil and gas well completion. With six sites across the United States and headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, protecting the workforce and maintaining a superior level of safety is of the utmost importance to the EHS leaders at Reach Wireline.

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Written by: Alcumus
16th June

We had the opportunity to speak with Zach Vann, CSP, CSHO, Director of HSE at Reach Wireline, to find out how they have been able to create a safe working environment for the workforce with a target zero mindset. A proud Alcumus customer since 2018, Zach shared more about their safety mission, Journey to Zero, and how the use of a digital solution has helped them along the way towards zero incidents and injuries on-site, through rising employee participation rates, an ability to collect and track data, and a stronger safety record giving them a competitive advantage when bidding on large projects.

"Alcumus is simple for the end-user and is easy to access and tailor. I knew what I needed, and Alcumus seemed to check most, if not all the boxes."
"We understand that zero incidents doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. It takes time, effort, and dedication from all levels of management and the employees. The participation in the Alcumus solution has gotten everyone involved and has aided us in creating the culture we’re trying to achieve, helping us get closer to zero."


The Challenge

Working in unstable environments in oil and gas wells could result in several risks, especially when using explosives and delicate materials like the workforce at Reach Wireline often do.

With the extreme growth that Reach Wireline experienced in 2017 going from approximately 20 to 200 employees overnight, there was a great deal to manage with little resources.

There was so much activity that we were not prepared to undertake, and Reach Wireline didn’t have the resources to manage all of the operations,” Zach explained.

The Solution

The need for a system that was easy to use, customizable, and easily accessible was paramount, and it soon became clear that the Alcumus solution was the only way forward.

With everything digitized in one, cloud-based solution, it was easy to keep track of documentation and tasks without the fear of anything being misplaced or lost.

Having the ability to track safety activities and tasks has also helped increase employee engagement and participation rates.

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