Environment, Health and Safety Management

Alcumus EHS Solutions help organizations deliver effective safety management, through data-driven decisions, to support the goal of zero incidents.

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mitigate risk and improve performance

Nobody understands the complexities of your business, your sites, your supply chain better than you; and it is your primary objective to both mitigate risk and improve performance.

You want to be proactive, data-driven and predictive… but the complex combination of contractors, tools, chemicals, vehicles, equipment, and suppliers is constantly changing and putting pressure on the systems, people and processes in place.

The requirement to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your people has made it to the boardroom, and the entire supply chain now needs to be in lockstep with your safety and sustainability mandate.

Manage operational risks across your business

Our integrated technology connects people, job functions, departments, and sites into a comprehensive suite of EHS capabilities.

By connecting the data, you can drive predictive processes, manage risks across locations and the supply chain and ensure compliance with legislation, policies, and best practices.

Operational excellence

Every contractor, every supplier, every employee, every chemical and every piece of equipment needs to be managed; paper based solutions and spread sheets result in wasted time and negate any opportunity to produce real-time insights.

Operational excellence at scale requires robust, integrated technology, flexible automation, and systematic attention to the most granular levels of your data.

Alcumus enables organizations to track, investigate and manage safety incidents, complete audits & inspections, assess risk, onboard verified contractors and leading and lagging indicators to inform  decision making.

We are a leader in Verdantix’s EHS Green Quadrant and are backed by 40 years of EHS experience and practic.

Our clients around the world have collectively avoided millions of incidents, saving lives, avoiding financial losses and loss of reputation.  This delivers outcomes we are as passionate and focused on as they are.




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