Reducing reporting discrepancies associated with planned preventative maintenance

16 Jul 2019 | 5 MIN READ

WorLSH_Screenshot.pngking with thousands of commercial property owners, investors and developers across the UK and Ireland, Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH), offers expert advice across the entire property industry. 

"All of our reporting is completed through Info Exchange. We have a huge variety of reports, in whatever type of matrix, and Info Exchange allows us to seamlessly complete them. We’re able to benchmark properties against each other to see which is compliant and working more effectively.”

Mark Stewart,
Health and Safety Director

LSH’s traditional approach to managing planned preventative maintenance (PPM) compliance was through the Property Plus and RAMIS software platforms. However, these weren’t complete end-to-end systems from an asset and compliance point of view, which resulted in LSH lacking the transparency they needed to comprehensively manage the maintenance of their assets.

It was vital that LSH had this overarching view in order to comply with the SFG20, the standard maintenance specification for building engineering services. The SFG20 is recognised as the industry standard and is kept up to date with legal guidelines to ensure that users are informed of the latest legislative requirements.

With over 40 shopping centres, plus numerous multi-occupied buildings, managed by a large number of facility managers and surveyor teams, LSH recognised the need to implement a software solution to manage their PPM.  As part of this research, they chose to adopt Info Exchange.


Info Exchange allows LSH to remain compliant, act consistently across all properties and stay up to date with the latest legislation. The software is used daily across all sites. They have created a library of maintenance tasks for each asset, which indicates how often they should be maintained. This is then inputted into Info Exchange and notifies each of the contractors to update progress, such as the completion of tasks or any additional actions that have arisen. This provides clarity over what work needs to be undertaken urgently and ensures the relevant parties are notified accordingly. It also enables LSH to track any costs associated with the work, giving them a base for their budgeting.

LSH were extremely happy with how the software has enabled a proactive approach to their PPM management. As a result, they have implemented additional Info Exchange modules such as Risk Assessments, Asbestos, Accident and Incident reporting and GDPR across their operation. Mark commented “We felt that these business processes would all benefit from the system, as we can now manage all the compliance of a building on one platform.”

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