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Free HR guides for employers

Dealing with disciplinary and grievance matters in the workplace can be very challenging, and that is why we have produced these easy to follow guides to help support you in the process.


Capability Management

Disciplinary Hearing Appeal

Disciplinary Hearing Stage

Disciplinary Investigation

Formal Grievance

Informal Grievance

Grievance Appeal


Wanting to terminate someone’s employment can be for a variety of reasons and it needs to be approached correctly to minimise the risk to your business. Our guides will give you an overview of what you need to think about when considering a short service dismissal or redundancies.



Short Service Dismissal

Short Term Working


Here you will find guidance on how to deal with short term absence and long-term sickness, including what meetings and procedures need to take place.


Absence Management

Long Term Sickness

Long Term Sickness Dismissal


Allowing flexible working in the workplace can result in getting the best out of your employees. We have created some guides to help you manage each stage of this process.


Flexible Working Discuss Meeting

Flexible Working Decision

Flexible Working Appeal

Flexible Working Decision Appeal



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