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Horsham, West Sussex-based Courtney Franklin is trusted by local and other businesses to provide guidance and leadership in all matters related to management systems, tailored to companies of all types and sizes. Industry veteran Courtney is a long-time expert in health, safety, quality and environmental best practice knowledge he uses to equip clients with what he calls total organisational resilience. This unprecedented depth of skills proves a differentiator during many consultations with new clients. Working with a variety of firms, from SMEs to multi-nationals, in Sussex, Surrey and further afield, Courtney has steered construction, piling, mechanical / electrical engineering, drainage, sewage waste removal, HVAC, bMS, manufacturing, legal, facilities management, marine, automotive, catering, printing and other businesses towards safer, more productive, compliant operations. He is an experienced, passionate and driven thought leader in this specialist field, and is renowned for his sensible and proportionate approach to risk management.